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Video is the most popular form of content these times, for uses ranging from entertainment to educational. To make those videos attractive and interactive, there arises a need for video editing tools. One such tool is Apple’s iMovie software which was developed in 1999 and carried a plethora of features. iMovie tool is often used for all kinds of video editing effects like colour settings, stabilizing videos, transitions, cropping, and rotations, etc. One such feature is to merge various videos and blend them together to form a single video. That is exactly where the error, ‘video rendering error code 10008,’ occurs in the iMovie software.

What causes ‘video rendering error code 10008’ in iMovie?

To begin with, let’s dig deeper into the reasons for this error. Some of the root causes of the error code 10008 in iMovie are-

  1. Merging of different video formats
    At times when various videos are merged to form a single video, ensure that all of them have the same video file format. When different formats are blended, the final product gets corrupted and displays ‘video rendering error code 10008’.
  2. Corruption in a single frame
    One of the major reasons for this error is a corrupted frame. You can check the final video frame-to-frame and identify a black coloured frame which is the root cause of the error.
  3. Deleting videos from the system
    The videos need to be imported to iMovie software before editing them. The error appears when the videos are deleted from the system after importing them into the software.
  4. Use of corrupted video files
    Using already corrupted videos for editing and transitioning often leads to iMovie displaying this error 10008.
Ways to fix ‘video rendering error code 10008’
  1. Detect and remove the black frame
    While applying transitions on the video, it must have created a black frame where the video might be flickering. It simply means that this particular frame has been corrupted and creating video sync problems in video files.
    Check the entire final edited video frame-by-frame to detect this specific black frame and either remove it entirely from the final video or replace it with a new clip. Now, try to play the final video again after dealing with the corrupted frame.
  2. Non-availability of videos on the system
    There is a need to import all the videos in the iMovie tool for editing them. Once this process is done, do not delete those videos from the system. Importing the videos does not mean that the iMovie tool has preserved them. It derives the content from the original destination in the system. In case of deleting these videos from the desktop or relocating them, the issue ‘video rendering error code 10008’ in iMovie may pop up.
  3. Different video file formats
    If you are trying to blend videos of various file formats, it will definitely show errors. To avoid that, be certain that all mini-clips and videos have the same video file format. In a situation where two videos have MP4 format, while the third one is in MOV format. You need to convert it all into one video format which is, MP4.The conversion process can be effortlessly carried out in 3 methods-

    1. Video conversion tools which are available on the internet
    2. With the help of the VLC media player
    3. Using a professional tool like the Kernel Video Converter
  4. Corrupted video files
    If none of the above methods have worked so far, then it can be concluded that the video files are severely corrupted, which is causing the issue of ‘video rendering error code 10008.’ There arises an urgent need to repair virus corrupted video files using a professional approach. The Kernel Video Repair software ticks all the boxes and provides a superior yet easy step-by-step repairing process. It is very well capable of repairing all types of video file formats.

    Follow these simple steps to fix ‘video rendering error 10008’-

    1. Install the Kernel Video Repair on your Windows system.
    2. Launch the tool. To add videos, click on ‘+’ option.Launch the tool
    3. You can select videos from anywhere on your system. Click on ‘Open.’select videos
    4. All the selected files will be displayed on the tool. Now, select ‘Repair Files.’Select Repair Files
    5. Choose a destination to save the repaired files.Choose a destination to save the repaired files
    6. The repairing process will begin, and you can also keep an eye on the status of the repair.repairing process start
    7. After a successful repair, click on ‘Save files to CSV’, and the videos will be repaired and saved to the destination.

Note- The tool has the capability to repair all videos created in the Mac environment. However, the videos have to be repaired in a Windows system.

With the help of the software, you can convert multiple corrupted video files effortlessly, without any limitation on the size of the videos. It is a powerful tool which supports videos taken from any professional camera and in any video format.


‘Video rendering error 10008’ occurs on the iMovie software while blending clips from many videos. A corrupted clip or black frame is the primary reason which causes error 10008 in iMovie. Also, deleting the videos from the original destination and adding videos having different file formats could lead to this error. As a result, the entire video may get corrupted and heavily damaged. In that case, you may need to repair the corrupted video using this software.

Kernel Video Repair
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