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Summary: Learn how to easily extract text and images from PDFs using various methods, including Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Windows Snipping Tool. The article provides step-by-step guides for each method and recommends a tool for repairing corrupted PDF files.

Microsoft Word outshines Portable File Document when it comes to extracting text and images. Saving text and images from a Word file is a breeze, whereas doing the same from a PDF file can be a bit tricky. Most of the PDF readers can’t extract text and images from PDFs. Dealing with this issue gets trickier when your document includes graphs, tables, or other types of non-linear data. In just seconds, this article will guide you on extracting both images and text from PDFs.

Top Solutions to Extract Text & Images from PDF

There are several options available for extracting text and images from PDF files, and you can select the one that best suits your requirements from the choices below.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Certainly! Extracting text and images from a PDF file is a breeze with Adobe Acrobat. Let’s break down the steps individually.

Extracting Images
  1. Open your PDF file using Adobe Acrobat, and click on Tools. Next, choose Export PDF.
  2. Afterward, select the Image button and pick the format for the image file.
  3. To set up the conversion preferences for the specified file format, simply tap the gear icon.
  4. In the Export All Images Settings window, pick the File Settings, Conversion, Color Management, and Extraction settings tailored to your file type.
  5. In the Extraction settings, opt for the minimum image size for extraction. Select “No Limit.”
  6. For returning to the Export Your PDF To Any Format window, click OK.
  7. Opt for the Export All Images choice to extract and store the images embedded in your PDF document.Export All Images
  8. Click on Export to open the Export window box.
  9. In the Export window, select the destination folder where you want to save your file.
  10. Choose the file format you’d like to download, then simply click on Save to start downloading the images.
Extracting Text

If you just need a part of the PDF file, there’s no need to change its format. You can easily pick out the desired text and save it in various formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, XLSX, HTML, CSV, and more.

  1. Choose the content by using the Select tool.
  2. Next, with a right-click on the selected text, select the option Export Selection the option Export Selection As
  3. Click Save As Type and choose a format.
  4. Lastly, tap on Save.
Using Adobe Photoshop

Extracting images from PDF files becomes a breeze with Adobe Photoshop. The process is simple; just open your file using Adobe Photoshop.
After opening the file, a window labeled “Import PDF” will appear. Choose the images you want to extract, click OK, and save the extracted images. Additionally, tools like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator can help you extract both text and images from a PDF file.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader empowers you to effortlessly copy and paste content from PDF files. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply select the desired portion of the PDF, copy it with a quick mouse left-click, and then seamlessly paste it into another program of your choice. Easily duplicate text segments by holding down the left mouse button and employing Ctrl + C to copy the selected part of the file.
Using Adobe Acrobat Reader
After copying the content, you should paste it into word processing software like Microsoft Word. The procedure remains consistent when it comes to extracting images. Simply choose the desired image, copy it using Ctrl + C, and then paste it using Ctrl + V into a program that supports images.

Using Windows Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is designed for swift snipping. To utilize the Windows Snipping Tool, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to the Search box and type up the Snipping Tool. Then, tap Enter.Go to the Search box and type up the Snipping Tool
  2. Select the tab New. Select from Rectangular Snip, Free-form Snip, Full-screen Snip & Window Snip. For rectangular or free-form snips, make use of your mouse to highlight the area.Select the tab New
  3. Save that specific area in clipboard or any other image or word processing program.

Our texts and images are ready for action, sourced from those PDF files. Yet, imagine a scenario where the PDF refuses to open, or worse, it’s corrupt or damaged. Now, how do we retrieve the text and images? Quite the predicament! For this big problem, we have a simple way to repair PDF files with a small tool that fixes every issue that comes up with PDF files. We call it the Kernel for PDF Repair tool.

This cutting-edge tool swiftly and seamlessly restores damaged or unreachable PDF files in just one try. Sporting a sleek graphical user interface with user-friendly features, it facilitates the recovery of PDFs from all Adobe Acrobat versions.

Closing Notes

We embarked on a quest with a perplexing query: ‘How can one extract images and text from an Adobe PDF file?’ Today, we’ve unravelled the mystery, exploring solutions ranging from Adobe Acrobat to the Snipping Tool. We trust you’re on your way to becoming a tech whiz. As a little extra tip, we recommend keeping Kernel for PDF Repair installed on your system to swiftly address any unexpected hiccups in your PDF files.

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