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Portable File Document is not as great a program as Microsoft Word when it comes to extracting text and images from it. One can easily save the text and images from Word file but from a PDF file, it is a bit tricky. Most of the PDF readers can’t extract text and images from PDFs. This problem becomes even more complicated if your document has graphs, tables, or some other form of non-linear data. This article will show you how to extract images and text from PDFs in seconds.

Top Solutions to Extract Text & Images from PDF

You have a variety of options to extract text and images from PDF files, depending on your needs. You can choose the most convenient solution below.

Using Adobe Acrobat

We can use Adobe Acrobat to extract text and images from a pdf file easily. We will go through the steps separately.

Extracting Images
  1. Access your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, and then tap on Tools. Select Export PDF.
  2. Then, click the Image button and choose the image file format.
  3. For configuration of the conversion settings for the prescribed file format, tap on the gear icon.
  4. Under the Export All Images Settings window, select the File Settings, Conversion, Color Management & Extraction settings for your file type.
  5. Under the Extraction settings, choose the smallest image size which is to be extracted. Click No Limit.
  6. For returning to the Export Your PDF To Any Format window, click OK.
  7. Choose the option Export All Images for extracting & saving the images within your PDF file.Export All Images
  8. Tap on Export. The Export window box will come up.
  9. Under the Export window, choose the directory location to save your file.
  10. Select the file format you wish to download and click Save to download the images.
Extracting Text

It’s not necessary to convert the PDF file to another format if you only need a portion of it. It is possible to select text from a PDF file and export it to one of the following formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, XLSX, HTML, CSV, etc.

  1. Choose the content by using the Select tool.
  2. Next, with a right-click on the selected text, select the option Export Selection the option Export Selection As
  3. Click Save As Type and choose a format.
  4. Lastly, tap on Save.
Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool to extract images from the PDF files. It is a straightforward method, and you just need to access your file via Adobe Photoshop.
Once you access the file, an Import PDF window box will pop-up. You now need to select the Images you wish to extract. Tap on OK & save the extracted images. Moreover, there are other tools that can assist you in extracting the text and images from a PDF file namely CorelDraw & Adobe Illustrator.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader allows you to copy and paste from PDF files. With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you just need to copy the part of the PDF file you need and then paste it into another program. You can easily copy the portion of the text by holding the mouse left click and then using Ctrl + C to copy that part of the file.
Using Adobe Acrobat Reader
Now, you need to paste that copied content into word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word. The same process goes for extracting images. For images, select the image you wish to extract, then copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it into an image-supported program. It is also advisable to keep upto 5 best PDf Repair tools of 2020 for your file safety measures.

Using Windows Snipping Tool

Quick snipping is the purpose of the Snipping Tool. You can use the Windows Snipping Tool by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Search box and type up the Snipping Tool. Then, tap Enter.Go to the Search box and type up the Snipping Tool
  2. Select the tab New. Select from Rectangular Snip, Free-form Snip, Full-screen Snip & Window Snip. For rectangular or free-form snips, make use of your mouse to highlight the area.Select the tab New
  3. Save that specific area in clipboard or any other image or word processing program.

Now, we are all set with our texts and images extracted from the PDF files. But there can come a situation when your PDF file won’t open or may be corrupt or damaged. How do we extract the images and text now? A difficult situation! For this big problem, we have a simple way to repair PDF files with a small tool that fixes every issue that comes up with PDF files. We call it the Kernel for PDF Repair tool.

This advanced tool instantly and effortlessly repairs corrupted or inaccessible PDF files in a single attempt. It has a slick graphic user interface with easy-to-use features. It allows recovery of PDFs from all the versions of Adobe Acrobat.

Closing Notes

We started with a puzzling question ‘How to extract images and text from an Adobe PDF file’ and now we have all the answers to it, from using Adobe Acrobat to the Snipping tool. We hope you are becoming a tech-pro soon. As an added bonus, we advise you to keep the Kernel for PDF Repair installed on your system to counter any issues popping up in your PDF files.

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