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Summary: G Suite is a collection of cloud computing tools to enhance an organization’s productivity and collaboration. Syncing G Suite with Microsoft Outlook is a smart move for businesses as it allows seamless access to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts. This blog explains how to sync G Suite with Outlook, covering system requirements, Google Admin Console settings, and using the GSSMO tool. We will also mention limitations, and an alternative backup solution.

G Suite, Google’s premium service, enhances the functionality of various Google applications such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts. While a standard free Google account offers 15 GB of shared storage across all applications, G Suite provides increased storage capacity for Google Drive and offers improved management for other apps as well.

As previously noted, G Suite includes Gmail, allowing you to integrate Gmail with Microsoft Outlook. You can use your G Suite Gmail account as your professional email, and we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to synchronize your G Suite account with the Outlook application.

System Requirements
There are the following software requirements for G Suite at Outlook-

Operating Systems Windows 10, 8.1, 7 & Vista
Outlook Versions Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003

Once you’ve verified the compatibility with the OS and Outlook version prerequisites, you should proceed to implement the necessary adjustments within the G Suite Admin Console.

Settings in Google Admin Console

  1. Login to Google Admin Console and open the Apps category.
    Login Google Admin Console
  2. Go to Google Workspace that has all the native apps that each Google account use.
    Go to Google Workspace
  3. Make sure that the various apps like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, etc. are ON for everyone.
    Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, etc on for everyone
  4. In the Advanced Settings, check that the ‘Enable G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook‘ is selected.
  5. In the Security category, click the Lesser Secure Options and choose ‘Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps.’
    Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps
Install G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Once you’ve completed the necessary adjustments within the Google Admin Console, the next step is to synchronize your G Suite account with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft offers a dedicated software known as “G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook,” designed to seamlessly integrate your G Suite account into Outlook. The user does not require to run any manual process and the whole process is completed in the least time. It will export G Suite emails to PST without any technical assistance.

  1. Download the GSSMO tool from the below URL-
    Download Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® – GoogleDownload the GSSMO tool
  2. First, you’ll initiate the download of an installer file, which will subsequently fetch the entire software package. Once the software is launched, you’ll need to input your Google Account credentials.enter the Google Account credentials
  3. Input the username of the G Suite account and click continue.Input the username of the G Suite account
  4. Once you enter the password, the tool will display the corresponding account name and prompt you to verify your choice. Please select the desired account.confirm your selection
  5. The tool will show you the various activities of the tool. The tool will:
    • Access, create, transmit, and permanently remove all your email messages within Gmail.
    • Manage mailbox labels.
    • Insert mail into your mailbox.
    • See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Drive files.
    • View groups on your domain.
    • Access and oversee the user provisioning within your domain.View and manage the provisioning of users on your domain
    • Manage messages in groups on your domain.
    • See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts.
    • View your calendars.
    • View, modify, distribute, or permanently remove any calendars within your Google Calendar access.
    • Generate, modify, arrange, or remove any of your tasks as needed.Create, edit, organize, and delete all your tasks

    Once you’ve reviewed all the factors for utilizing the software, simply select the Allow button.

  6. A successful login will notify you that access has been authorized, allowing you to seamlessly transition to the application.authorization has been granted
  7. To initiate the process, simply mark the checkbox labeled ‘Import data from an existing profile.’ Next, make your selection of the desired Outlook profile for data synchronization using the provided options. Utilize the checkboxes to specify the items you wish to include. Finally, proceed by clicking the ‘Create Profile’ option.import data from an existing profile
  8. Syncing will commence, and your G Suite account’s contents will begin the migration process to sync with the Outlook application. Allow the process to finish.G Suite account will start to sync with Outlook

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook is a user-friendly and efficient software solution. It can be downloaded for free and facilitates seamless synchronization between your G Suite account and Microsoft Outlook. This tool ensures the full synchronization of your data, enabling you to conveniently access your G Suite content within the Outlook interface.

Limitations of GSSMO Tool
  1. The tool is capable of transferring essential Google applications such as Email, Contacts, and Calendar.
  2. Attachments larger than 20 MB in size will not synchronize with Outlook.
  3. You cannot recall an earlier email message.
  4. The user will not get the delivery receipt.
  5. If the recipient has disabled the read receipts feature, you won’t receive them.


If you are using the G Suite account and have Gmail for constant email communication, then you can migrate the Gmail account’s data to Outlook where you do not need to login to your account each time you open the application.

If you want to overcome the limitations of the GSSMO tool, then you can use G Suite to PST Software. It will transform the data from your G Suite account into a PST file, which can be accessed through Outlook for you to review your G Suite content.