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Summary: The article delves into the rising issues with Microsoft 365’s eDiscovery Export Tool, including hanging and crashing during mailbox item exports. It explores causes such as outdated software and oversized mailboxes and provides solutions like OS upgrades and proper settings configuration. It also highlights the advantages of using Office 365 Export over eDiscovery. The article suggests Kernel Export Office 365 to PST for efficient mailbox backups.

“I was in the process of exporting my Microsoft 365 mailbox to PST using the Microsoft eDiscovery Export tool. Initially, it started smoothly, but at a certain point, it abruptly halted. Surprisingly, there were no apparent interruptions, yet it remained stuck for an extended period.”

Microsoft 365 is globally recognized for its rich feature set. Among its tools, the eDiscovery Export Tool stands out, widely used for locating and exporting mailbox items. However, recent issues, such as freezing, hanging, or crashing during exports, have emerged. These disruptions can lead to data unavailability, significantly impacting organizational workflows. Therefore, it’s crucial to address and resolve these problems promptly. If you’re encountering such challenges with the Microsoft eDiscovery export tool, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and resolve them.

eDiscovery Export tool in Microsoft 365

eDiscovery encompasses the task of pinpointing particular electronic content within a platform and making it available for subsequent purposes. Essentially, it functions as a digital investigation method employed to uncover evidence by scrutinizing email and other business-related data. This evidence plays a critical role in legal or criminal proceedings.

In this context, the eDiscovery Export Tool is deployed to search for content within Exchange Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. Subsequently, it exports these items into a PST file format. Individuals have understood why is Office 365 Backup critical and often use this workaround approach to take backup of some of their mailbox items and save them in PST format.

Causes behind the eDiscovery Export tool issues

The functionality of the eDiscovery Export tool is not as simple as it seems on the surface. You need to understand some best data backup strategies for enterprises to use. Often multiple causes lead to the problem where the eDiscovery tool is not working properly, and hence you must know the following reasons which are causing this-

  • Using an outdated version of the Windows operating system
  • Using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, which does not have the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions
  • An oversized Office 365 mailbox is being exported
  • The local intranet zone settings in Internet Explorer are not configured correctly
  • Using a third-party browser where the extension ClickOnce has not been installed
  • Currently using an outgoing proxy server where the connection times out
  • Corrupted mailbox content.
Solutions for eDiscovery tool not working

You can resolve the issue of the eDiscovery feature hanging, getting stuck, or crashing by relying on these methods-

  1. Upgrade the Windows OS
    A straightforward resolution is to upgrade your Windows operating system to the latest version, such as Windows 10 or 11. This update encompasses the latest improvements and fortifies security features. A swift upgrade can potentially resolve the issues afflicting the eDiscovery tool.
  2. Install .NET Framework 4.5
    If you are using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later versions, you must install .NET Framework 4.5 or later to add various enhancements.
  3. Correctly configure the intranet zone settings
    While using Internet Explorer, it’s crucial to ensure correct configuration of local intranet zone settings. This adjustment could potentially resolve the ongoing hanging issues in the eDiscovery tool. Additionally, you must add https://* to the settings, a process outlined in the following steps:

    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Select Settings on the top right corner and click on Internet on Internet options
    • Move to the Security tab and click on Local on Local Intranet
    • Now, select Sites.
      Select Sites
    • The Local intranet window will open, and click on Advanced.Click on Advanced
    • Add this – https://* and click on on Close
  4. Install ClickOnce extension
    If you’re using a non-Microsoft third-party browser, you’ll need to install the ClickOnce extension. This extension enables the creation of self-updating Windows-based applications with a minimal user interface. You can easily install it from the browser’s add-ons or web store.
Why Should You Consider Office 365 Export When the eDiscovery Export Tool Hangs?

Undoubtedly, eDiscovery is a dependable tool for content searching in Office 365. However, it falls short when used for exporting Office 365 data to PST or creating backups. Users often face issues like the eDiscovery Export tool freezing during mailbox exports, leading to data loss. This can occur due to various factors, including network interruptions, corrupted content, or large data exports. Moreover, it may struggle with outdated Windows versions. To choose the most versatile solution for exporting Office 365 mailboxes to PST, let’s compare the eDiscovery tool with the Office 365 export tool.

  • Office 365 Export tool can easily be used after installing it on the system, but you need proper admin rights to use the eDiscovery export tool.
  • Office 365 software exports the mailbox to PST in a few clicks without any data loss, while eDiscovery export users may face data loss and require technical expertise.
  • eDiscovery tool is time-consuming, whereas Office 365 software export mailboxes to PST quickly and seamlessly.
  • eDiscovery export tool compromises data integrity, while Office 365 software maintains data integrity and doesn’t include any chance of data loss.

The above comparison helps you make a smart decision using the Office 365 export tool to export data into PST. This software resolves the problems associated with eDiscovery export, like hanging or crashing issues.

A better solution for Office 365 backup

When exporting mailbox data to PST, the risk of data loss is a concern. Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain a backup to restore data if needed. An effective third-party solution for this task is Kernel’s Export Office 365 to PST. Carefully designed to handle mailboxes of all sizes, it stores Office 365 data in the user’s preferred format. Its advanced filters allow selective backup, and its user-friendly backup process is suitable for beginners.

Office 365 Backup


The Microsoft eDiscovery Export tool primarily locates specific mailbox items and exports them to PST format, commonly used for mailbox backups. Unfortunately, it is prone to hanging or crashing, posing risks with confidential data. The causes are multifaceted. While the solutions mentioned above address immediate issues, choosing a reliable, professional utility like backup Exchange Online mailboxes to PST for future needs is a wiser approach.