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“For the past many months, we have been spending lots of time in our homes and doing different activities to spend our time. Some are learning new skills like cooking, sewing, painting, gardening, etc. some are learning new languages or doing work-from-home. Many of us are binge-watching our favorite movies and TV series also. I am also doing my job from home and in my leisure time, I like to watch classical Hollywood movies. But for two days, the videos are hanging while playing on my laptop. The screen gets frozen at a scene and does not move ahead. It is frustrating for me as I am unable to play my favorite movies.”

The above scenario is a simple case of video getting stuck while playing in the media player on your computer or smartphone. It not only spoils the whole movie watching experience but creates a sense of frustration in the user also.

When you are playing the video in the player and it gets stuck at a specific scene, then the user moves the cursor to a previous position where the video was running smoothly. If the video is stuck again, then it means there is a problem in the video. Generally, the problems go away if you restart the player and run the video again. But if the issue persists, then you need to go for some troubleshooting methods to remove the issue.

There can be multiple reasons behind the video getting frozen while playing, and there are some simple troubleshooting methods that can remove the issue.

Method 1. Check for internet speed

If you are running the video online, then you need to make sure that the Internet connection has a satisfactory speed or bandwidth to run a high-resolution video smoothly. A slow internet speed is going to create many problems in not only playing the video, but in sharing, accessing, or updating the videos also.

Running the video file with a slow Internet speed causes the consumption of bandwidth and freezes the video while running.

Method 2. Change the resolution of the video

A single video file is available in several resolutions and formats. But if the media player is unable to play a high-resolution video, then you should reduce the resolution and try to run the video again.

Method 3. Change the media player

The medial players are meant to run all kinds of video files. But some media players find it difficult to play a specific format of videos. So, if you are facing an unsupported video format issue, then you can either convert the video file format or change the media player accordingly.

Method 4. Update the graphics driver

The graphic driver is the software that helps you to run videos or play games easily on the computer. The graphics and resolution of the video are handled by such a graphic driver and you should update it on a routine basis. Many times, updating the graphic driver removes all such frozen and hung video issues. Go to the Device Manager of your system, uninstall the currently installed driver, and then install the latest updated drivers on your system.

Method 5. Check the hardware configuration

There are some hardware issues like overheating, older SMPS, abrupt closing of CPU, etc. that prevents playing any video smoothly. If you can change the faulty hardware units and replace them with the new ones, then it will be convenient to run any kind of video easily.

Method 6. Repair the corrupt video files

All the above methods are usable only when the supposed video is healthy and fit to run on any media player. But if the video is corrupt, then any troubleshooting will not work if you do not repair the video immediately.

Luckily, you have the Kernel Video Repair ready to serve you. It is simple recovery software that can repair videos in any format. It scans the video for any corruption and allows you to recover it in full health. To understand its working process, check the below steps:

  1. After installing the software, go to the Applications menu and launch it. The home screen of the software will open up.
  2. launch the Tool

  3. Choose the video(s) that has been getting frozen or hung while playing. Click Open.
  4. Choose the video files

  5. After selecting the video(s), click Repair Files.
  6. click Repair Files

  7. Select the location where to want to save the repaired video files. Click OK.
  8. Select the location to save the repaired videos

  9. The tool will run a scan and start the repair process.
  10. it will run a scan and start the repair process

  11. After successful repairing, the status will show as ‘Success’ and its adjacent link provides the video location directly.
  12. Check status


The tool is an efficient solution to remove any kind of corruption from a video file. Also, after the repair, you can play the video on any media player. It does not change the format, audio quality, aspect ratio, etc. while repairing the video. So, try manual ways to fix the problem first and then go directly with this professional utility.

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