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Summary: This content provides a 5-minute read about managing SharePoint group permissions efficiently. It covers creating groups, adding/removing users, assigning permission levels, and concludes with a mention of a SharePoint migration tool.

Changing permissions for a SharePoint group may not be a straightforward task, but with some understanding and a little effort, you can efficiently tailor group permissions and provide access at a specific level. Whether you’re overseeing a large-scale enterprise application or simply aiming to grant specific team members access to SharePoint documents, our knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the essential steps to modify SharePoint group permissions. This ensures that only those who require it will have direct control over the content stored in your platform.

By following straightforward, step-by-step guidelines, you will enhance security measures and bolster access control across your entire organization’s cloud environment by the conclusion of the process.

Set up permissions for your site

harePoint groups serve as gatherings of users who share identical permissions for sites and content. Instead of individually granting permissions to each user, groups offer a convenient way to simultaneously allocate the same access level to multiple users.

Note: In order to modify permissions for managing groups in SharePoint, it is essential to possess the requisite permissions. You must either be designated as a SharePoint site owner or possess full control permissions to carry out this action. You should also understand the implications of customizing permissions in SharePoint & be careful when making any changes.

Steps to create the group

The first step in SharePoint manage groups permissions is to create a new group. To create a new group in SharePoint, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Settings icon & select Site Permissions.
  • Within the Permissions page, click on the Advanced Permissions Settings option.
  • Next, select Create Group.
  • Please provide a distinct name and description for this SharePoint group.
  • Please indicate the owner of the security group in the designated “Owner” box.
  • In the Group Settings tab, specify the individuals or roles with permission to both view and edit within this group.
  • Select the settings for membership requests to join or exit the group on the Membership Requests page.
  • Ultimately, choose the suitable permission level and then press the “Create” button to finalize the group creation procedure.
Adding users to the group

To include individuals in a group on your website or team site, start by clicking on the Share or Members button.

  • If you see the Members button, click on it, and then choose the “Add members” option. This action will open the Share dialog box, which will provide you with the choice to either invite individuals to edit or invite them to join the group.
  • To choose an alternative SharePoint group or opt for a different permission level, simply tap on “Show Options” and make your selection within the “Select a group or permission level” another permission level
  • Next, enter their name or email address & hit Enter.

Follow the same steps outlined above for each additional name you want to include. By adhering to these technical instructions, users can effectively incorporate new members into their SharePoint group or website.

Removing users from the group

To remove users from a group, go through the steps below:

  1. Please click “Settings” and then choose “Site Settings.” If you can’t locate “Site Settings,” simply tap on “Site Information” and select “View All Site Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the People and Groups section by clicking on the Users and Permissions tab.
  3. Choose the desired user group from the Quick Launch to initiate the removal of users.
  4. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the users you want to delete and then click on the “Actions” button.
  5. Select Remove Users from Group & hit OK to confirm.

It’s essential to clarify that when you remove a user from a group, their account remains intact; however, their access to the group’s resources is revoked. Once these actions are completed, the chosen users will no longer be able to access the resources linked to the group.

Assigning a permission level to the group

To allocate a fresh permission level to a group, follow these steps:

  • To access the Settings menu, go to the Site Settings section. If you cannot find Site Settings right away, click on Site Information and then select View all site settings.
  • After accessing the Site Settings page, navigate to Users and Permissions, and then select Site Permissions.tap on Site Permissions
  • Check mark the box next to the user or group where the new permission level will be assigned.
  • Open the Permissions tab & select Edit User Permissions.Open the Permissions
  • In the Edit Permissions section, once more, check the checkbox next to the newly assigned permission level’s name. Click OK to confirm and apply the changes.Hit OK to finalize the changes

By following these provided instructions, the team granted the new permission level will gain access to extra functionalities and privileges within the designated site.

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Final Say

Congratulations on your accomplishment! You’ve successfully mastered the process of modifying SharePoint group permissions. With a touch of patience, a bit of trial and error, and the assistance of our expert guide, you’re now poised to unlock the full potential of SharePoint’s capabilities. At this point, you should feel empowered, as you have gained greater control over the group permission settings within your selected site.

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Q – What is group permission in SharePoint?

A – It refers to the ability to manage a set of users together within a SharePoint site. By assigning a particular group with a set of permissions, you can grant them access to specific items or areas within the site. These permissions can be adjusted depending on the needs of the group & the site. 

Q – Where are permissions set in group?

On the Permission Set Group page, users can find a tab labeled “Permission Sets in Group”. Click on that tab to access all the permission sets currently assigned to the group. If you need to add a new permission set, tap on the “Add Permission Set” button & follow the prompts.

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