Best Way to Convert OST Files to EML Format

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Due to significant differences between emailing platforms, users often search for methods that will ensure a secure conversion between different file formats. The situation is similar for the conversion of OST and EML file formats as well. Many Outlook users want to save OST files in EML format due to the wide acceptance by email clients. It can be carried out by certain manual and professional methods. This article digs deeper into these formats and explains how to convert OST emails into EML format.

Know the file formats OST & EML

OST- The Offline Storage Table or OST is a file format that is used by Microsoft Outlook to store the store user’s information in an offline location. It saves emails, tasks, contacts, notes, and calendar in OST files. It ensures that the users have access to all the data even at times of no internet connectivity.

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EML- EML file is an electronic message which contains a single email along with its other contents like the message, date, subject, receiver/sender details, and attachments. It is used by several email clients, including MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc.

Reasons behind saving OST to EML

These are the prime reasons behind users saving their data from OST to EML format are:

  • System crash- Any virus attacks in the MS Exchange server could potentially become the prime cause of a system crash. This situation could go out of hand and generate multiple errors in Outlook.
  • Backup needs- In case of any system failure or accidental deletion, users can take advantage of the different methods to take backup OST files in EML format.
  • Data sharing- OST files cannot be shared with others easily. While using an EML file, the transfer becomes simple and quick and further ensures smooth communication.
  • Switching to another platform- As mentioned earlier, the EML format is compatible with multiple platforms, while OST compatibility is limited to Outlook. Hence, conversion is necessary for a transfer to some other email client.
How to convert OST files in EML format?

The method to save OST to EML format can be done in two situations:

  • When the OST file is connected with the Exchange Server.
  • When the OST file is not connected with the Exchange Server.
When the OST file is connected with the Exchange Server.
Necessary conditions:
  • The user needs to have an IMAP Gmail account that has been configured in MS Outlook.
  • An email client which supports EML format like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zoho Mail etc.
Steps to convert OST file to EML:

Before moving ahead, make sure you have adhered to all the necessary conditions mentioned above. Now, follow this procedure to save the OST file to EML when it is connected with Exchange Server-

  1. Copy OST file to Gmail:
    To begin with, you need to simply move the required OST file to the configured Gmail mailbox. This can be achieved by a simple drag and drop action.
  2. Configure the same account in Thunderbird:
    Now, you need to configure the same Gmail account to Thunderbird, which supports EML format. Once the configuration is completed, the OST file data will reflect in Thunderbird.
  3. Save as EML file from Thunderbird:
    The user can again drag the OST emails and drop them anywhere on your system. It will automatically save the data in the EML from at the selected location.
Limitations of method:

These are 5 valid reasons to avoid manual methods to convert OST to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, or any other format:

  • This is a complex method and is prone to various errors by users with limited technical knowledge.
  • It is a lengthy process and will take a lot of precious time and effort of users.
  • Such manual methods are not suitable for saving multiple OST files to EML format.
  • It works only when connected with Microsoft Exchange Server.
When the OST file is not connected with the Exchange Server.

There is no manual solution to save in EML format when the OST file is disconnected from the Exchange Server. A professional tool comes to the rescue in such situations. The Kernel for OST to PST Converter software has been designed with the aim to recover, convert, and save any OST file into various file formats, including EML, PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, etc. It can be utilized for converting single as well as multiple OST files while maintaining the integrity of the data. The software is well compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating systems.

Steps to save OST file to EML format using a professional tool:
  1. Download the software on your system. Click on ‘Browse’ to add the OST file to the software.Download the software
  2. Once added, select ‘Next.’Once added, select Next
  3. Select any mailbox item to generate a comprehensive preview.Select any mailbox item to generate a comprehensive preview
  4. To convert a single email, right-click on the email and click on ‘Save as EML.’right-click on the email and click on‘Save as EML
  5. For multiple files, select ‘EML file’ and click on ‘Next’ to proceed.Click on Next
  6. You can set filters to find specific emails and click on ‘Next.’Click Next
  7. Click on ‘Browse’ to choose a saving path for the new EML file. Finally, click on ‘Finish.’click on Finish
  8. The OST file will be converted and saved into an EML file at the location which you have selected. Finally, select ‘OK.’Select OK


OST and EML file formats have vast differences, leading to a complicated transfer procedure. The biggest question that arises is ‘How to convert important OST emails to EML files?’ The methods depend on whether OST is connected or not connected with the Exchange Server. The manual methods are time-consuming, complex, and suitable for converting single email files only. However, all this can be easily done using a professional OST to PST Converter tool.

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