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OLM is a file format used by Outlook to store users’ information like emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and calendar while working on Mac operating systems. However, it is unlikely for everyone in your organization to have Mac systems. Hence, users search for a file format that can be accessed by a wider range of individuals. This issue can be easily overcome by converting OLM files into PDF documents. Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF, was developed by Adobe to port a document and its contents securely. This article will discuss at length about all the reasons and quick methods to convert OLM to PDF file format.

Why do users need to convert OLM to PDF?

These are a few reasons which ultimately compel users to make a switch from OLM to PDF file format-

  • Wide accessibilityThe prime reason to opt for a PDF document is it is independent of the platform. This allows the document to be viewed by a wider set of professionals without any restrictions.
  • Portable file formatIt is clear from the name itself that PDF or Portable Document Format can be easily transferred from one place to the other without being damaged.
  • Privacy and securityPDF is a safe and secure file format. The privacy of the document can be well maintained by keeping a password. Despite having wide accessibility and portability, it can be protected and secured with a password.
  • Small file sizeA PDF file has smaller size in comparison to other file formats. It is convenient for users to store their data in PDF format as it occupies less storage space.
  • Easy to useThe highlight of this format is its user-friendly interface. There is no need for any technical knowledge to access a PDF file, and hence, it becomes suitable for all kinds of users.

How to convert OLM to PDF?

Since these two file formats are poles apart, the conversion process becomes complex and should only be carried using a trustworthy platform. There are only two quick methods to convert OLM to PDF with precision- manual and professional.

Manual approach to Convert OLM file to PDF

The ‘Print’ feature in Outlook for Mac can be utilized to save individual emails as PDF documents. This approach is better suited to users who know about OLM file location in Mac Outlook. In addition, it does not convert the attachments in the emails.

Follow these steps to convert OLM emails to PDF manually:

  1. Open Outlook for Mac on your Mac system.
  2. Select the email message which you want to convert. A new reading window will appear.
  3. Click on ‘File’ and select ‘Print’ under it.
  4. The printing panel will open. Click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘Save as PDF.’
  5. You can enter a name and choose a destination to save the file.
  6. It will be successfully saved as a PDF file.

Professional approach for OLM to PDF Conversion

The manual method does put a few restrictions while converting the OLM files to PDF. To put an end to all these limitations, a professional approach is a right way. Kernel for OLM to PST is a professional software that focuses on converting OLM files into the required format, including PDF. It can easily resolve Outlook is not working on Mac OS issue and convert OLM to PDF.

Some of the other prominent features of the tool are:
  • It helps the users repair all corrupt or inaccessible OLM files and convert them into various formats.
  • The conversion is done with proper integrity such that there is no loss of data or meta properties.
  • An analysis of the content of the file is generated, which is helpful for the users.
  • There are various output file formats in which the OLM file can be converted, like PST, PDF, DBX, MBOX, HTML, TXT, RTF, EML, and MSG.
  • There are filters that look for specific items.
  • The interface is simple, straightforward, and user-friendly.

Follow these steps to convert OLM to PDF using the Kernel for OLM to PST:

  1. Install the software on your system. Click on ‘Browse’ to add any OLM file or folder.Click on Browse
  2. The chosen file will be added to the tool. Click on ‘Next.’Click on Next
  3. You can select any content of the file and view a comprehensive preview of it.view a comprehensive preview
  4. Choose ‘PDF’ as the output file format and click ‘Next’ to proceed.Click Next
  5. You can add a few filters to search for specific items. Click on ‘Next.’Click on Next
  6. Click on ‘Browse’ to choose a destination to save the PDF file anywhere on your system.Click on Browse
  7. The PDF file will be successfully saved.


Many OLM users want a more accessible file format and hence, convert OLM files to PDF. Due to the complexities involved, there are only a few methods to convert OLM to PDF documents. The manual method is suitable for the conversion of individual emails without any attachments. Kernel for OLM to PST is a professional tool that can be used for all OLM to PDF conversions.

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