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Summary: The MBOX to PDF conversion process is explained with steps to use Kernel MBOX to PST software securely. It emphasizes the benefits of PDF format, including security features.

The MBOX file format is commonly utilized by various email clients for consolidating email messages into a single text file. Despite its widespread use, this format is not renowned for its security, posing a significant risk to data integrity. Consequently, many users opt to create backups of their data in the PDF file format. PDF, short for Portable Document Format, offers versatility, ease of use, and reliability for storing diverse types of information. Given the presence of sensitive data, users are advised to rely on a professional tool for converting MBOX emails into PDF documents. Kernel MBOX to PST serves as a secure platform for performing this conversion process with utmost safety and security.

Please adhere to the steps for converting MBOX files into PDF format:

  1. Please proceed to download and install the Kernel MBOX to PST software.
  2. Open the software, and you will be greeted by a home screen that looks like this.Launch the software
  3. Select the MBOX file folder by clicking on the Browse button.Select the MBOX file
  4. Users have the option to select a folder and then click on the OK button.Choose the folder
  5. The MB0X is set to be uploaded onto the tool. Simply click the Finish button.MBOX file is uploaded
  6. Choose any item to access its complete preview.Select items to get preview
  7. Select the PDF file format as your output option from the right panel. Then, click on the “Next” button to continue.MBOX to PDF conversion done
  8. To perform a targeted migration, opt for the suitable filters and then click on the Next button.
  9. Please click on the “Browse” option and designate a location where you’d like to save the new PDF file. Then, proceed by selecting “Finish.”
  10. The savings procedure will commence. Please select OK when it has been successfully completed.


Q. What is the need to convert files from MBOX to PDF format?

A. To begin with, the PDF format is the simplest document format that can be used easily by beginners as well. It maintains the original structure and is accessible to all. These files are smaller in size and hence, save storage space.

Q. How can the data remain secure in a PDF file?

A. Any PDF file can be protected through a password. Only users having the correct password are allowed to view the contents of a password-protected file. This restricts accessibility and keeps the data secure.

Q. Why MBOX files can’t be saved manually in PDF format?

A. There are no direct and easy methods to carry out this conversion. And all those which exist are lengthy processes that can save only a single file from MBOX to PDF.

Q. What does the trial version of the tool offer?

A. The users can enjoy all the features with the trial version as well. But it will allow saving only 20 items per folder, while the full version allows unlimited saving.

Q. I want the emails in my Office 365 mailbox. Will it be possible?

A. The software allows users to export the MBOX file to Office 365 mailboxes. It can also be saved to other email clients and output formats.

Q. Is it possible to save specific data only?

A. Certain filters like To, From, Date Range, Item type, and Subject can be applied to find and save specific data only.

Q. What are the benefits of converting files from MBOX to PDF using the tool?

A. Firstly, you can save specific emails in PDF format. Also, you can preview emails before converting them to PDF. And MBOX to PDF conversion is easy and quick while using this tool.

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