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Summary: ASF and MP4 differ in compatibility and quality. Convert ASF to MP4 using online tools, VLC Media Player for small videos, or professional tools like Kernel Video Converter for no size limits and better quality.

What is an ASF video file?

Advanced Systems Format (ASF) is a multimedia file format developed by Microsoft as an integral component of their Windows Media Framework. Specifically engineered for streaming audio and video content over the internet, ASF was formerly referred to as Advanced Streaming Format and Active Streaming Format.

Why need to change an ASF video?

ASF video files are indeed well-suited for streaming content. Nevertheless, they do have a few drawbacks.

  1. Limited compatibility with media players
    ASF is indeed proprietary software developed by Microsoft, which means it has limited support on other multimedia playback platforms. However, it is well-suited for playback on platforms like Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player.
  2. Limited usage
    Due to its limited compatibility with various multimedia playback platforms, ASF video files do have restricted utility, which contributes to their relatively lower popularity as a video format.
  3. Low-quality video
    ASF video files are typically highly compressed, which can result in lower video quality. Additionally, their resolution is often limited to 352×288 to accommodate streaming requirements. Because of these limitations, there is often a need to convert them into more widely used file formats that can maintain better video quality, such as MP4.
What is an MP4 file?

MP4 or MPEG-4 Part-14 is also a digital multimedia container format popularly used to store video, audio, subtitle, and still image files.

What sets the MP4 file apart?
  1. Compatibility with multimedia playing platforms
    One of the significant advantages of MP4 files is their broad compatibility with almost all multimedia players and various devices, including VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, GOM Player, Apple’s QuickTime Player, and iTunes.
  2. Wide usage
    MP4 video files are the video format preferred by most users. Due to its versatility, it is widely used.
  3. Helpful in streaming
    MP4 files are also known for their efficient compression that doesn’t compromise the quality of the video, making them an excellent choice for streaming videos over the internet.
  4. High video quality
    MP4 format offers high-quality videos even while streaming. It has a maximum resolution limit of 2048×2048.
    Due to these advantages, it is recommended to convert ASF into MP4 video files.
Methods to Convert an ASF File into a MP4 Video File
  1. Using online video conversion tools
    One of the easiest approaches is converting an ASF file into MP4 File using the video conversion tools available over the internet. Some of these online converters are-

    1. Zamzar
    2. Online Convert
    3. Covertia
    4. Convert File

    These converters have a simple method – just add the required ASF video, and it will automatically convert ASF to MP4. They can also be used to convert a MP4 file to other format.
    Ensure you have a stable internet connection and a continuous power supply when using online video conversion tools. However, these tools can sometimes raise concerns, which warrant careful consideration.

    1. Lack of Safety- As you save the converted MP4 file on your system, it opens a door for various bugs and virus attacks.
    2. Privacy in question- Some of these tools may request users to provide their contact details, which can result in receiving unwanted spam emails. It’s advisable to exercise caution and avoid using online converters when handling confidential video content to maintain privacy and security.
    3. Limit in file size- There is often a limit to file size while converting videos which is not suitable when converting large-sized video files.
    4. Quality loss- There is a huge possibility that the quality of the video gets degraded during the conversion process.
    5. Limited time of storage- Usually, the online tools let the user store the converted video file for only a limited period.
  2. Using VLC Media Player
    VLC Media Player is indeed a versatile open-source multimedia player with a range of features, including video conversion capabilities. Here are the steps to convert an ASF video file into an MP4 file using VLC Media Player:

    1. Launch the VLC Media Player on your computer system.
    2. From the Menu bar, click on “Media” and then go to “Convert/Save”.Launch the VLC Media Player
    3. Using the “Add” feature, choose the ASF video file and then click on “Convert/save.”choose the ASF video file
    4. From the available options, choose “MP4”.choose MP4
    5. Select the destination to save the converted video file.Select the destination to save
    6. Click on “Start,” and it will start the conversion process.start the conversion process
  3. Converting video files through VLC Media Player is suitable for small videos only as it can be done with much ease.

    1. Video Conversion tool
      When it comes to video conversion, professional tools like the Kernel Video Converter can be a reliable option. These tools often offer advanced features and a dedicated approach to maintaining video quality. They can handle various formats, including converting ASF to MP4 or MKV to MP4, while ensuring minimal quality loss during the process. However, it’s important to choose a reputable and trusted video converter tool to ensure the best results.

      1. Install the tool on your system.
      2. Open the tool and select all the videos you want to convert by clicking on the plus sign “+.”Video Repair tool
      3. Choose the videos from anywhere on your desktop and click on “Open.”open the video
      4. The selected video will be displayed and now click on “Next”.display the video
      5. Tick the checkbox “MP4” and click on “Convert Now.”convert the video
      6. Choose a destination to save the converted MP4 video file.Choose a destination to save
      7. The conversion process will start, and the status will be changed from “Processing”to “Success.” Select “Save report to CSV,” and everything will be saved on the selected location.Save report to CSV

    Why this tool is a premium tool

    1. There is no file size limitation.
    2. Simple interface and easy steps.
    3. It is supported by all Windows operating system versions.
    4. It has the ability to convert multiple videos at the same time.


    Indeed, both ASF and MP4 are video container file formats, and while they have differences in terms of features and compatibility, it’s true that converting an ASF video into an MP4 file can often be done easily using various methods, including online free video conversion tools and VLC Media Player. These tools provide a convenient way to convert videos between different formats, making it accessible for users to adapt their content to their specific needs and preferences.

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