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Mozilla Thunderbird comes with many outstanding features and speed which makes it stand out from others. It has an easy UI, powerful security, and much more. It is a desktop-based application that gives complete control and extensive ownership over email messages. If you use Thunderbird, there are several add-ons available that you can install and utilize to customize and enhance the emailing experience. The best is that you can download, install, and use Mozilla Thunderbird for free. Different versions of the application are available that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

What is the Cannot Delete Message Error in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird can’t delete messages is a common issue that the user gets while using it on their system. When someone is unable to delete messages in Thunderbird, then it may be due to a corrupted Trash folder. This problem is quite irritating and needs to get resolved at the earliest. Also, sometimes Thunderbird may freeze when deleting messages.

What is the reason that causes Thunderbird can’t delete messages error?

After research, I discovered the most common reasons which are as follows-

  • If that file is damaged or corrupted, Thunderbird fails to make these changes and therefore fails to delete a message.
  • When a mailbox is imported into an older version of Thunderbird, or if Thunderbird was not updated for a long period the problem occurs.
  • If the Trash folder gets corrupted for some reason, this may also prevent Thunderbird from being able to delete messages.
How to Fix Cannot Delete Messages in Thunderbird Issue?

A simple solution is to create a new Trash folder after deleting the corrupted one is the best way to fix the problem. And to fix the problem one should follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Click the “Menu” button. Then select “Help” and click “Troubleshooting Information.”
  • Click on the open Folder option from the Application Basics section. And close the Thunderbird app.
  • Go to your File Manager and open the Mail (or IMAP Mail) folder per your affected account type (POP or IMAP).
  • Now open the folder with an incoming mail server name like or
  • Select the Trash.msf and Trash files and then delete them. These files may be named Deleted or Bin in some accounts.
  • Restart the Thunderbird app on your system.
  • Now the trash folder is renewed, you will be able to easily delete your mail messages.

But what if this discussed solution doesn’t work? Then there is the master solution to switch from Thunderbird to another email client. But now the other question is how are we going to do this?

How to switch from Thunderbird to another email client?

Cannot delete messages in Thunderbird is quite an annoying issue that luckily comes with a relatively simple solution. But what if the problem persists and you have to repeat the above procedure over and over again? And because of this, some users have decided to quit and migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook or another email client. You can consider this option too as a way to resolve the “Can’t delete messages in Thunderbird” problem completely and forever. And if you do, we encourage you to try Kernel for MBOX to PST Tool which will help you to migrate multiple MBOX files simultaneously with the option to add single or multiple MBOX file(s) for conversion.

This software comes with advanced filtering options provided in the MBOX to Outlook PST tool, perform apple mail to MS Outlook migration and also allowing users to perform selective migration of MBOX mailbox items. Users can filter the email items using different criteria like To, From, Subject, Date, and Attachments.

This software supports hassle-free migration of MBOX files created in all 20 MBOX with different email clients like Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Postbox, Netscape, PocoMail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, and a lot more.


Such errors as we discussed above may disturb the functionality and performance of the application. Therefore to get rid of such mistakes, one can use an alternate email client such as MS Outlook. And we all know Outlook does not support the Thunderbird MBOX file format. So, to move data from Thunderbird to Outlook, you need to convert MBOX file to PST file format. So we are here to recommend you the best MBOX to Outlook PST software which helps to convert MBOX files of various email clients such as Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Entourage, Eudora, Mozilla Mail, and many others to PST format and this tool can help you to import EML files to Gmail.

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