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Exchange Server files are very crucial especially when it contains classified data of the user which is meant to be shared with the desired client. Sometimes due to technical aberrations the concerned files cannot be accessed. The inaccessibility issue pertains to complete eclipse to EDB data and to access them user tries different methods.

The inaccessibility to EDB files is the root problem that the most users face. Consider a tool which can grant access to corrupt EDB files. In such case it would be easy for the user to see through the files for desired content without any other associated technical assistance. Now, what if the same tool grants permission for viewing user mailbox and exchange folder? Definitely a user will be enthralled to use the tool.

One tool with such features is a Kernel EDB Viewer. The best part of the tool is its free availability without screening any of its potential features. This EDB Viewer provides direct access to EDB files without the availability of Exchange platforms. The tool is capable enough to view user mailboxes and public folders of any EDB file. Adding more stuff to the feature section, this standalone utility saves the Serial Number, Item Type, Attachment Existence, Date and Time of recovered items in HTML format.

What features of EDB Viewer makes it convincing?

  1. Expanded Search Database: Prior making accessibility possible, at times user look out for the concerned EDB file. The software facilitates you with an option to find such file either you have to provide a path or its location must be well-known.
    EDB Viewer
  2. Withstanding Recovery Modes: EDB Viewer comes with sophisticated recovery modes, namely: Standard Scan and Advanced Scan. Each mode works independently depending upon the choice made by the user to recover EDB files.
    Standard Scan and Advanced Scan
  3. Systemic Preview Pane for better View and process Assurance: The software also provides a preview pane to ensure that the file items are securely recovered without any loss.
    preview pane

By simply accessing the EDB files to multitude of access to EDB items, Kernel EDB Viewer sincerely makes the way for every user seeking assistance for affected EDB files. The free availability of this tool makes it easy for the user to download. The user-friendly GUI makes it quite easy to operate even for the user who does not have any technical background about operating EDB files.

In the event of accessing EDB files in a system that has no Exchange Platform or accessibility, the EDB Viewer tool can be used with complete reliability. It is a single stop solution to access the files without any technical assistance. To assist the user in any technical issue, the tool provides round the clock technical assistance.

Due to its outstanding performance, Exchange EDB Viewer tool is highly recommended by professionals and even by naïve users.

Kernel for Exchange Server
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