Selective Attachment Processing

Kernel for Attachment Management: Selective Attachment Processing

Kernel for Attachment Management: Selective Attachment Processing

By default, Kernel for Attachment Management processes all attachments on the basis of the rule you have created. However, there can be a requirement to extract attachment of a particular file type from incoming emails. For example, you are working as an editor in a company, who provides content to various departments. Daily you receive lots of word documents for review and editing. Apart from reviewing the documents, you also need to save the original and edited documents on your computer.

For this, you need a solution, which can automatically extract only word documents attached with emails and leave the other attachments within the email. Kernel for Attachment Management fulfills this requirement. The software provides you options to include the file types that you want to save or to exclude the file type that you do not want to process. However, for this you need to add the file type in the software list, based on which the software will process attachments:

Manually saving attachments at the destined location on regular basis requires lots of time; therefore, you want an automatic way to do this work. Kernel for Attachment Management helps you doing this. As you want to automatically process incoming attachments, you need to select the "Enable automatic processing" option, while creating the Attachment processing rule:

Now, to add the file type that you want to extract from incoming emails, select the Include File Type option and then click the Add new category button, and add the file type:

After adding the file type, execute the rule by clicking the Run Now button on software main window. When you execute the rule, Kernel for Attachment Management will process only the attachments having .doc extension and leave the remaining attachments in their respective emails:

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