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Our Monitoring Software products provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for enterprises as well as individuals. Choose from Computer Activity Monitor and Employee Desktop Live viewer to experience live monitoring of target computers through two very innovative methods.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the perfect monitoring tool to view Live desktop activities of employees. Remote desktop monitoring provides Live videos of target screens and administrators can monitor multiple employee computers simultaneously over the network. Perform remote function on employee computers and manage them remotely to close, log off, restart, start screen saver and remove desktop wallpaper. Live user activities can be recorded and viewed in Windows media player through .AVI files. Schedule Offline recordings when admin is away from the desk and view every activity later on.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor
Kernel Computer Activity Monitor

Computer Activity Monitor works as the perfect spy over any number of target computers in a network. It can be stealthily launched on target computers to monitor each and every activity on their systems. It provides logs with complete details for every activity like keystrokes, application launch, print commands, email activity, internet activity, clipboard activity, password details and much more. It works is a concealed manner and through no means the user can get information about being monitored as it is invisible to the Task Manager, Process List, Desktop, or in Add/Remove Programs list.