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Major features Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook
  • Migrates Novell GroupWise mailbox items to Outlook PST accurately
  • Saves items in PST files in a chosen location after filtering items by the desired criteria
  • Converts single or multiple GroupWise mailboxes to PST file folders of MS Outlook
  • Makes GroupWise items like emails, attachments, address book, etc. accessible in Outlook
  • Assures the integrity of mailbox items because of swift and accurate migration
  • Provides advanced options for conducting requirement based migration
  • Enables the migration of archived mailbox items and deleted items from GroupWise
  • Supports the migration of Unicode characters
  • Allows a single user to migrate multiple mailboxes with its proxy access facility
  • Displays the items for preview in single mailbox migration and migration using proxy access
  • Allows administrators to move a batch of GroupWise mailboxes using .NUCON or .XLS files
  • Creates.XLS and .NUCON batch files for multiple mailbox migration using batch file creator
  • Migrates 100s and 1000s of mailboxes in Batch file migration to save effort and time
  • Supports all popular versions of Novell GroupWise, MS Excel, and MS Outlook
  • Is a total tool for effective and hassle-free GroupWise to Outlook migration

Convert GroupWise Mailboxes to Outlook PST Data Files Accurately

Windows adaptability, Microsoft support, and its highly advanced features make MS Outlook an attractive email application for many Novell GroupWise users. A flawless migration from Novell GroupWise to MS Outlook requires the assistance of a professional tool like Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook.

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook swiftly moves Novell GroupWise mailboxes to PST file folders so that they are accessible even with the latest version of MS Outlook. It allows you perform the migration of single or multiple mailboxes from GroupWise to Outlook without spending much time and effort. Its sophisticated design and features ensures that the migration is complete in all respects.

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Some of the advanced facilities available in Kernel or Novell GroupWise to Outlook are:
  • Multiple Mailbox Migration: For the migration of multiple mailboxes from GroupWise to Outlook, Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook owns two different facilities:
    • Proxy Access: Using a proxy access, any user can execute the task of converting multiple GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook PST files as the user gets the rights to access mailboxes of all users.
    • Batch File Migration: Administrators can perform the automated migration of multiple GroupWise mailboxes simply by creating the .xls or .NUCON batch file having the information of GroupWise mailboxes that are to be converted to Outlook PST files.
  • Migration of Archived Items: Due to the difference in the structure of archived items in Novell GroupWise and Outlook, it is difficult to migrate them. But using Kernel for Novell GroupWise you can do it just by choosing the option for migrating the archive items. You can migrate the past saved archive items along with the migration of GroupWise mailboxes to PST data files.
  • Migration of Deleted Items and Unicode Characters: Using Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook, you can migrate deleted items as well. The software recovers the items in the Trash folder and moves them to the PST folders of Outlook. Also, the migration of the GroupWise mailbox items is swift and accurate even if they contain Unicode characters. After migration you can access and use them without any issue.
  • Preview of Items: Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Outlook offers the convenience of previewing the mailbox items before saving them in the Outlook Data Files. This facility is available in single mailbox conversion and multiple mailbox conversion using the proxy user.
Why Novell GroupWise to Outlook Migration Using Kernel Software?

In this technological era, companies are highly competitive and wishes to keep themselves updated to increase their productivity. Due to cost considerations and need for advanced email technologies, Novell GroupWise companies are migrating to the much cheaper, faster, and stable email application - Microsoft Outlook. Kernel for Novell GroupWise is a tool that can be used by normal Outlook users and administrators without any difficulty. It owns a user-friendly graphical interface that embeds various sophisticated features for the migration GroupWise mailboxes and data items like emails, attachments, calendar, contacts, folders, trash items, and sent items into the PST data file. The software is very much reliable as it converts every data item without losing any of its properties.

  • Select the conversion option—Single mailbox/multiple mailboxes using Proxy OR Multiple mailboxes using Batch file.
  • Select the mode of connecting to the GroupWise User mailbox.
  • Select the required GroupWise mailbox and preview the items.
  • Save the selected GroupWise mailbox items to PST data file.
Evaluate the Software before Purchasing

The evaluation version of Kernel for GroupWise to Outlook is available on the website, which assists you in trial GroupWise to Outlook conversion. The trial version of Kernel software features all the advanced functionalities, but lacks the unlimited saving feature. It can save only 10 email items per folder of GroupWise mailbox. If you are really impressed with the free version, and wants to convert and save more GroupWise mailboxes to PST file, then you should purchase the full version. Please check the minimum system requirements before downloading.

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