Employee Desktop Live Viewer Software

Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Employee Desktop Live Viewer or say spy software is smartly programmed software that helps in monitoring desktop activities on employees computer without their knowledge. Through Employee Desktop Live Viewer, administrators can easily perform live monitoring on any employees computer screen. The software is capable of monitoring both online and offline activities. It saves all computer activities like websites visited, chat logs, download etc. in AVI format. The software also allows automatic monitoring in case of administrators absence.

  • Capable of monitoring multiple computers at the same time
  • Capable of monitoring dual screen of the same computer
  • Effectively controls the misuse of internet in office
  • Monitors employees computer activities without their knowledge
  • Saves all desktop activities in AVI format that can be viewed in Windows Media Player
  • Option of Automatic monitoring is available

Features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Multiple computer monitoring

The software is capable of monitoring multiple computers at the same time. It means administrators can see the ongoing desktop activities of any computer in their organization in real time. It may help in actually stopping unwanted activities and increase employees efficiency and productivity.

Dual screen monitoring

The software allows you to monitor two different screens of the same computer at the same time. If an employee has two different windows open, you can actually track both the windows and see what activity is going on each window.

Automatic monitoring

The software allows automatic monitoring option. You can set a time for monitoring and the software will automatically record all the desktop activities happened during the mentioned time.

Saves monitoring data in AVI format

The software records all the computer activities such as web access, chat logs, download history etc. in AVI format that can be viewed in Windows Media Player.

Invisible Mode Operation

The software works in secrecy mode, which means that the tool runs effectively in the background. In fact, one can never found it in the All Programs menu or on the desktop, etc.

Self-Descriptive Tool

Kernel for Employee Desktop is a highly-intuitive tool that offers step-by-step guidance to use and operate the tool. The interactive user interface, requires no prior training and skills for operating the tool.

Evaluate free trial version

Trial version of the software is available for free. Its very similar to the full version but comes with restrictions. Trial version allows you to check features & functionalities of the software. You can monitor a single computer for 7 days by using trial version for free.

Supported Versions:
  • The software is compatible with all versions of Windows - 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95
Basic Requirements:
  • Pentium IV Processor or equivalent
  • 128MB RAM (256 MB recommendable)
  • At least 50 MB free disk space to install the software (for server)
  • At least 500 MB free disk space to perform online and offline recording of computer activities
  • Network speed (LAN) must be very good to perform monitoring.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Monitor computer activities without users knowledge
Offers both offline and online monitoring
Allows dual screen monitoring
Capable of monitoring multiple computers
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Steps to use Employee Desktop Live Viewer

The software comes with two setup files first is called Viewer which is installed on administrators system to view employees desktop, and the other one is called Agent installed on employees system which allows administrator to view employees desktop. Now, here are the steps, you would require to follow to perform employee desktop monitoring using this:

In first step, after installation of tool, the software will ask you to register the computers you want to monitor. Register all the computers you want to monitor providing their IP addresses.

Select registration mode

After registration, install Agent application on registered systems. Select computers on which you want to install the Agent provided you have admin rights.

Install agent application on registered systems

After Agent installation on the registered computers, select the computers to monitor from registered computers list. As soon as you select the computers for monitoring, the below given screen will appear showing desktop activities on all selected systems.

Select the computers to monitor from registered computers list
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