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Employee Desktop Live Viewer Updated Version
Product Information
Key functions:
  • Monitor many computer(s) at once
  • View LIVE - remote desktop activities of employees.
  • A surveillance camera pointed towards the desktop screens of employees.
  • Record User activities and save to .AVI files
  • Create Offline recordings when you are not present to monitor the activities.
  • Manage the computer(s) remotely on Network.
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We will help you in every situation, Solve your queries related to anti virus program, agent installation and other installation issues related to the software.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer to Monitor Computer Activities



Many employees have habit to spend their working time in useless activities such as Accessing online videos, downloading or uploading audio files, reading personal emails and similar actions. Employee activities on a computer network can now be effectively monitored and recorded with the help of Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It effectively monitor employees, reduces work hours loss and propel organization productivity. Employee Desktop Live Viewer effectively tracks online as well as offline activities of individual employee on a system network. It also records employee activities such as web access, download history, chat logs and others in the AVI video format.

The software is available with two setup files i.e. server desktop live viewer and agent setup files for client's computers. Server Desktop live Viewer needs to be installed on the main computer of a network. Agent setup file can be installed on some or all employee desktops of an organization. Employee Desktops are registered on Server Desktop Live Viewer as agents. This desktop monitoring tool monitors and records each and every employee's activities during a particular time e.g. day, week or month. It record and saves monitored user activities in AVI files that can be accessed by the IT managers using any Video player.

Key features of the Employee Monitoring tool:
  • Capable of monitoring large number of computers of a system network
  • Successfully runs on both Workgroup and Domain based networks
  • Allows user to keep a close watch on employee activities in stealth, online or invisible mode
  • Very effective in controlling the misuse of office computers and boost employee efficiency in the organization
  • Saves both online and offline records of the employees in the AVI file format
  • Can schedule offline recording of the employee desktop screen in case IT manager is not present on the seat
  • Enable administrator to perform several remote tasks on the Agent computer such as removing or adding wallpaper, screensavers and sending notification messages
  • Competent enough to run smoothly on the Windows 8 Server
Key requirements for Desktop Live Viewer Software:
  • A server computer that connects several client computers on a LAN or WAN network.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/XP/2000/Vista/2003/98 ME
  • Memory: At least 128 MB RAM
  • Disk space: 100 MB free space on the computer

The software is available with two setup files i.e. server desktop live viewer for main computer of a network and agent setup files for client's computers. It is advisable that the server computer should have at least 50-60 GB of free hard disk space for storage of all activities on the client's computers. The agent setup file can be installed on all target computers connected with main server either remotely or through manual process. The software can monitor the target monitors of the network (workgroup or domain) in stealth, online and invisible modes. With this tool, a system administrator can remotely control the activities of all target computers such as setting of user's password, restarting, removing the wallpaper from the client's desktops.

Salient properties of Desktop Live Viewer tool:
  • Displays the desktop activities of all users in workgroup or domain network
  • Records both online and offline user's activities of a network
  • Monitors the activities of target computers of a network in invisible and stealth modes
  • Saves the user's desktop activities in .AVI file format
  • Allows the system administrator to send notification messages on all client computers
  • Supports all versions of Window operating system including Window 8
Download the free demo

Users can try the free version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer program for limited period. The trial package works very similar to the original version, but capable of monitoring just a single computer of a network for 7 days. For unlimited monitoring of specific number of computers in your organization, it is very essential for user to buy the appropriate licensed key of software.

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