Screen 1:

Go to the option for SharePoint (on-premises/online)>>Add New SharePoint Site.

Add New SharePoint Site
Screen 2:

Input a project name, site(s) connection, Connection Type, and other details for connection. Click Ok.

Input a project name
Screen 3:

Map the Source and destination account before migration.

Click Edit Source Selection to make changes or click Next to go ahead
Screen 4:

Select the type of source data for migration.

Choose the desired option for migration. Then click Next
Screen 5:

Select the Destination SharePoint Site using Site URL.

Select Destination SharePoint Site
Screen 6:

Select Source data’s properties using checkbox to migrate into another SharePoint site.

Select Source data
Screen 7:

Apply the useful filters based on source site’s contents and their requirements in the destination.

Apply the useful filters
Screen 8:

Migrate the permissions associated with source SharePoint site.

Migrate the permissions associated with source SharePoint site
Screen 9:

Schedule the migration at the selected time or execute it immediately.

Schedule the migration
Screen 10:

Review the summary of selected items from SharePoint site.

Checkout the summary
Screen 11:

Migration is complete and showing all the status and additional details of migrated items.

Migration is complete