Our capabilities include

  • Teams to Teams Migration Teams to Teams Migration

    New and Existing Teams, Channels, Files, Chats, Planners, Tasks, etc.

  • File Server to Microsoft Teams File Server to Microsoft Teams

    File System, Files shares and Network Shares Folders, Files, and Documents.

  • Slack to Microsoft Teams Slack to Microsoft Teams

    Channels, Files, Direct Messages, Apps, Custom Integrations.

  • Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

    Groups, Groups Conversations, Files & More.

Support for all Office 365 (Microsoft 365) plans that
incorporate MS Teams
Cloud migration process
  • Define the project’s scope and objectives.
  • Assessment of resources, source, and destination.
  • Develop a detailed migration plan and timeline.
  • Deploy and configure any necessary applications and tools.
  • Conduct a pilot with a subset of users to test the migrated applications/systems in a live environment.
  • Conduct the final migration.
  • Validate the migrated applications/systems to ensure all data is intact and functioning as expected.
  • Provide support and training to users and stakeholders.
  • Address any post-migration issues that arise.
  • Hand over the migration project to the relevant teams for ongoing support and maintenance.
What we can migrate?

Our robust Microsoft Teams services facilitate a seamless transfer of your collaboration assets, ensuring a smooth migration without any disruption to your team’s workflow. Discover the full range of items we can migrate for you.

Items Migrated
  • Teams
  • Channels
  • Folders
  • Files
  • 1:1 Chats
  • Group Chat
  • Post Conversation
  • Team Members
  • Permissions
  • Groups Memberships
  • Conversations history
  • Team Tabs
  • Planners
  • Tasks
  • Phone Calls
  • Wiki
  • One Notes
  • Attachments
  • Apps

Our migration services seamlessly migrate File Share/ File Systems (NAS)/ Network Share data to Teams. We effortlessly migrate a wide range of items to help you leverage the power of collaboration in Teams. Explore the complete list below.

Items Migrated
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Documents
  • Folder Structure
  • Permissions

Efficiently migrate from Slack to Teams with our advanced migration services. We ensure a smooth transfer of your collaboration assets, allowing you to retain critical information. Explore the complete list of items we can migrate for you.

Items Migrated
  • Direct Messages (DM) Migration
  • Emojis Migration
  • Files Migration
  • Migrate Workspace as Team
  • Migrate Channels as Team
  • Conversations Migration
  • Migrate Admins as owners
  • Migrate Members as Members
  • Delta sync for channels
  • Delta migration for DMs
  • Code Block migration
  • Migration of users in private channels
  • Preserving timestamps for channel conversations
  • Pinned messages migration in DMs conversations
  • Migrating all the emoji’s, files, mentions(of a user) in chats from Slack to MS Teams
  • Preserving the original timestamps of Direct Messages(DMs) from Slack to MS Teams post-migration
  • Preserving the original timestamps of files from Slack to MS Teams post-migration
  • Text Formats migration (Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, numbered list, bullet list)

Our comprehensive Teams Migration services ensure a seamless migration from Skype for Business to Teams. We facilitate the secure transfer of essential collaboration components to ensure a smooth migration process. Explore the full range of items we can migrate for you below.

Items Migrated
  • Chat
  • Voice workloads
  • Groups
  • Calling
  • Meeting
  • File
  • Group Chats
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Professional Microsoft Teams migration experts

At Kernel, we understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. That’s’ why our Microsoft Teams migration services are designed to help you seamlessly adapt to the latest modernization and collaboration trends. Our digital transformation services offer a comprehensive range of solutions supported by proven tools and accelerators, ensuring a smooth migration journey for your organization. From consulting and implementation to migration and ongoing support, our complete services cover every aspect of migrating to a modern workplace platform.

Our in-house software, specifically designed to accelerate migrations, sets up apart. With our tried and tested software approach, we streamline the Microsoft Teams migration process for all collaboration workloads. This means you can enjoy an end-to-end migration experience that is faster and more cost-effective. Get ready to embrace the future of collaboration with ease and efficiency.

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