Our capabilities include

  • Gmail Migration Gmail Migration

    Effectively Migrate Gmail to Gmail and Gmail to Microsoft 365/Amazon Workmail.

  • Google Drive Migration Google Drive Migration

    Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive and Google Drive to OneDrive/Microsoft Teams.

  • Hangout / Google Chats Hangout / Google Chats

    Migrate Google Chats to Microsoft Teams, and Google Groups to Office 365 Groups

  • Google Sites Migration Google Sites Migration

    Migrate Google Sites to Google Sites, Google Sites to SharePoint Sites.

Support for all Google Workspace & Microsoft 365
plans and subscription
Cloud migration process
  • Define the project’s scope and objectives.
  • Assessment of resources, source, and destination.
  • Develop a detailed migration plan and timeline.
  • Deploy and configure any necessary applications and tools.
  • Conduct a pilot with a subset of users to test the migrated applications/systems in a live environment.
  • Conduct the final migration.
  • Validate the migrated applications/systems to ensure all data is intact and functioning as expected.
  • Provide support and training to users and stakeholders.
  • Address any post-migration issues that arise.
  • Hand over the migration project to the relevant teams for ongoing support and maintenance.
What we can migrate?

Our advanced service is capable of migrating all Google Mailbox items accurately from the source to the destination. Users will undergo an uninterrupted and seamless migration from inbox to inbox, contacts to contacts, groups to groups, and so on.

Items Migrated
  • Emails
  • Labels
  • Contacts
  • Contact Groups
  • Contact Lists
  • Distribution Lists
  • Primary and Secondary Calendars
  • Meeting Details
  • Attachments
  • Tasks
  • Rooms and Resources
  • Rules
  • Folders
  • Message labels
  • Calendar
  • Permissions and Delegations on Calendars
  • Google Vault (deleted emails & files, separate migration license required)

Google Groups is the actual place where teams collaborate and discuss. Make the most of the Google Workspace Migration service to maintain the flow of communication through an easy migration of Google Groups along with each person's role.

Items Migrated
  • Conversation content
  • Group Memberships
  • Membership Roles
  • Provision to target Office 365 Group or Team

You need your valued data to continue running the business. The Kernel service flawlessly transfers your Google Drive data to the new G Suite tenant or Microsoft 365 while maintaining the original data hierarchy and quality.

Items Migrated
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Metadata
  • Google Docs
  • Permissions
  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • Google Photos

Take advantage of the Kernel Google Workspace Migration service to migrate even your Google Shared Drive content to its new destination. Discover the entire range of items that we can migrate.

Items Migrated
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Permissions
  • Folders
  • Uploaded files (e.g., .pdf, .jpg)
  • Convert Google Docs to Office 365 format

Only our robust Google Workspace Migration service facilitates a consistent migration of your Google Sites and all its items to another G Suite tenant or Microsoft 365. We ensure our users witness enhanced productivity even in the new platform.

  • Site structure
  • Menu
  • Page Content
  • File cabinet data
  • Embedded Google Drive Files
  • List pages
  • Announcements
  • Root site Permissions
  • Metadata
  • Welcome page
  • Google Gadgets with Supported SharePoint Online Equivalent
  • Page and Menu URLs (rewritten during migration)
  • Attachments (Google Docs converted to Office format)
  • Viewers of documents (displayed inline)

Individuals of an organization often engage in texts, video & audio calls to discuss important matters and would want to continue it. Meanwhile, you can utilize this service and smoothly migrate Google Hangout/Chats, never to disappoint your employees.

  • Chat
  • Groups Chat
  • Contacts
  • SharePoint Online equivalent
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Kernel Google Workspace Migration Services helps customers keep up with rapidly changing modernization and collaboration trends. With proven tools and accelerators, Kernel Digital Transformation Services offers comprehensive solutions to help smoothen the organization’s migration journey.

We provide complete services, including consulting, implementation, migration, and ongoing support to help you move to another Google Workspace tenant or Microsoft 365. Our in-house software accelerates the migrations. The proven software and approach undertaken for the Goggle Workspace migrations offer an end-to-end experience through faster migrations and lower costs.

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