Screen 1:

Launch Kernel for Word repair application to initiate Word document recovery

Open Kernel for Word Recovery Software for .doc/.docx file repair
Screen 2:

For repairing Word files, click on Add File(s) button and navigate to the corrupt files

Addition of corrupt .doc/.docx file for Word file recovery
Screen 3:

After adding corrupt files from different locations, view the enlisted files and remove unnecessary files

.doc/.docx files enlisted for Word file repair
Screen 4:

Select the location for restoring the repaired files.

Selection of destination to save the repaired .doc/.docx files.
Screen 5:

The tool displays the ongoing .doc/.docx file recovery process.

.doc/.docx files recovery in progress
Screen 6:

Kernel for Word displays a successful process completion message after the completion of repair process, along with status of files and their saving location.

Successful completion of Word recovery process