How we publish reviews on our webpage?

The reviews are present on all our webpages, and they are written by our buyers who have purchased any kind of license of our software. If a user has downloaded a free demo tool, then they can also write us a review as well. As long as they follow our guidelines for reviewers, they can input both positive, negative, and neutral comments. The user must have a genuine email address (professional email IDs are preferable) and they will require to fill a CAPTCHA. Then, we will provide them a space to write their review.

The reviews are published on respective webpage of each software, and anyone can read them publicly.

Openness is our natural behavoiur


Kernel Data Recovery was launched in 2005 and since then it has maintained its policy that our software range is accessible to all the users who require special actions on their data. We promote a healthy relationship with out clients and encourage them to write about our software products. They can praise us, criticize us, or mention their requirements too.

Because anyone can publish a review on the site, so we cannot filter or prohibit what our customers say about us. This is major difference from other businesses who checks each review before publishing and unpublish unsuitable comments. With Kernel Data Recovery, it is never the situation. All posts and comments are put without moderations.

Clients control their reviews


Reviews are regarded as buyer’s natural content that belongs to its creator, who is also the only one with the ability to alter or permanently delete them. Through their user account, they can do this..

We retain user reviews for as long as the user maintains their accounts on our website, barring any permanent deletions made by users of their individual evaluations. All of a user's reviews are likewise permanently removed when they terminate their account.

Fake reviews are lawbreakers


We check the authenticity of review by applying several parameters like IP address, timestamp, device, location, etc. Any suspicious activity will be termed illegal, and we will discard such review

We notify the user that we do not consider their review trustworthy and there will be no publishing. It provides an opportunity to the user to edit their content and correct their words. However, if our fraud detection software finds it deeply suspicious, then we won’t public it.

Highlighting inappropriate reviews


Being a public platform, we must follow highest level of authenticity and originality. We are also bound by our set of guidelines. We flag such review that are breaching such rules and our content auditing team takes appropriate actions when someone violates them.

The highlighted reviews remain online until the auditing team investigates it and we provide the user a chance to edit the content or delete it.

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