How does Kernel Photo Repair Work?

Kernel Photo Repair tool supports the recovery of each kind of image file of unlimited size and an unlimited number. The working procedure is limited to select, repair, and save. You can check the steps in the detailed manner here below:

Let us See How to use Photo Repair tool:

Step 1:

Start the software and click the big Plus icon to select the corrupt images.

Select the corrupt images
Step 2:

Choose the images and click the Open button.

Select the corrupt images
Step 3:

When you have selected the images, click the Repair Files button.

Click the Repair Files button
Step 4:

Browse the saving location and click the OK button.

Browse the saving location
Step 5:

When the tool recovers the whole data, the status gets a change to Success and you can use the ‘save the report to CSV’ button.

Save the report to CSV
Step 6:

Later, click Close to exit from the software.

Click Close to exit from the software