Screen 1:

The source pane of the software has Microsoft Teams option. Choose it.

choose Microsoft Teams
Screen 2:

Right-click on Microsoft Teams and choose Add Teams.

choose Add Teams
Screen 3:

In the login wizard, choose a comfortable option to enlist the MS Teams account. Then, click Register and Connect.

enlist the MS Teams account
Screen 4:

Go to Destination, choose Microsoft Teams, and select Add Teams.

Go to destination and select Add Teams
Screen 5:

The same login page will appear, and you can choose a method to login. Click Register and Connect.

Click Register and Connect
Screen 6:

In the selected Teams of your account, you can choose a Team and Copy it for migration.

Choose a Team and Copy it for migration
Screen 7:

In destination page, choose a Team and click Paste option.

Choose a Team and click Paste
Screen 8:

The mapping between source and destination is available. The Blue colored Teams are present in the destination and red ones are not. Map them and click Start Migration.

Map the source and destination team and start migration
Screen 9:

After a successful migration, the summary will show all the details of items.

The migration will complete