Kernel Bulk Image Resizer

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer
Resize Multiple Images with a Professional Touch

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer is a simple tool for resizing your images in bulk to the required dimensions. Also, you can render image effects and JPEG quality as required, and save images in the desired formats. It:

  • Resizes your images without any distortions.
  • Allows single as well as bulk files resizing.
  • Proficiently flips, rotates, and resizes the image.
  • Allows specifying JPEG quality.
  • Keeps image quality maintained as of original.
  • Saves images JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF formats.

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer is a feature loaded tool to serve all your image alteration needs. In addition to the mentioned above, it has:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • No costs for installation, and
  • Free updates and technical support.

Important Features of Kernel Bulk Image Resizer Tool


Powerful Resizing Algorithms

This image resizing software is embedded with powerful algorithms that ensure distortion-less, high-quality image output. It resizes images exactly as you want without affecting the overall quality.

Resizes in all scenarios

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer works uninterruptedly regardless of the number of files you want to modify, the size of each file, and quality that each file possesses. Moreover, it picks the file from any specified location. It is an ideal tool for both single and bulk file resizing needs.

Multiple Format Support

This tool offers support for all the commonly used image formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPG, and GIF. This ensures that tool can serve varying individual needs of all types of users.

Custom Image Effects Options

With this software, you can customize image effects— color, contrast, and brightness—to suit your need. To put it simple, you can customize color, light, JPEG quality, naming conventions, and the output format of your image.

User-friendly GUI

This tool is framed in a user-friendly interface that allows users with technical as well as non-technical background to operate it without any hassles. This is a self-descriptive tool that ensures finest results with minimal efforts.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

In addition to the popular image formats, The tool works compatibly well with all versions of Windows Operating system including Windows 10. Therefore, you won’t encounter any compatibility issues while working with this tool.

Smart Image Settings

This tool has enhanced image stretching capability that allows you to shrink and stretch images as required. You can either define percentage or specify the width and height manually. Additionally, you can also flip or rotate your images.

Available Free-of-Cost

The best thing about Free Kernel Bulk Image Resizer is its free-of-cost availability. It serves as a perfect solution to give a uniform dressing to all your images in one go.

Get Your Image Resizer Tool for Free

Images say a lot; they speak a sublime language which enforces our brains to imagine, decipher, and conclude emotions, feelings, narration and more, at times, without uttering a single word. But to have your images do that, they must be immaculately presented. Let Kernel Bulk Image Resizer make your images auspiciously beautiful. Download this tool right now and resize your images for free.


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Steps for Using Kernel Bulk Image Resizer

Easy to install and use, The tool can resize your images in bulk. Here’s pictorial representation of how the tool functions:

Open the tool and browse for the image/image folder.


Specify the image settings and other options.


Click Finish to complete the resizing operation.


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