How to migrate IMAP mailboxes using Kernel Migration for IMAP software?

Kernel Migration for IMAP migration tool is a modern software operating as a mediator to migrate mailboxes from one IMAP server to another IMAP server destinations easily using advance features. It has the capability of migrating single/multiple mailboxes within a single cycle. The tool provides simple methods to migrate IMAP mailbox to IMAP. User can perform migration easily by following the steps given below:

Step 1

Run Kernel Migration for IMAP tool in the system. On the home screen of the tool, click on the 'IMAP to IMAP Migration' option.

Homescreen of Kernel IMAP to IMAP tool.
Step 2

Start by clicking the Add button in the Add Source pane to add the source mail account.

Add source IMAP.
Step 3

Provide the input login details. Type either the server's name or the IP address. Then, fill in the email address & password of the email account and click on ‘Add’ option. We have put the default port number for simpler connection.

Source IMAP input login.
Step 4

Now go ahead by adding the destination account to migrate to the IMAP mailbox. Click on ‘Add’ button in the Add Destination pane.

Add IMAP destination.
Step 5

Now, provide the login details of destination IMAP account, fill Email/Login ID and Password of the IMAP account where the source mailbox's content will migrate. Click Add.

Destination IMAP address.
Step 6

Upon adding both source mailbox and destination mailbox, select the destination account using the drop-down list to proceed the migration and then click on ‘Set Filter and Migrate’ option.

Mapping IMAP destination.
Step 7

Wait for the completion of 'Enumerating Folder' process to successfully load the entire source IMAP mailbox.

Cataloging IMAP folders.
Step 8

After enumeration, the Filter page opens. Select the preferred email folders from the 'Review Mailbox Folder'. Then, set the preferred date duration with the date filter. Remaining filters are Exclude deleted folder items, exclude empty folder, saving the data hierarchy in a separate folder, setting the operation timeout, and skipping the previously migrated items. You can access any filter based on your migration need. Then, click ‘Start Migration’.

Set up filters.
Step 9

Migration has started and you can see the ongoing status of the transferring folder.

IMAP migration is running.
Step 10

Once the migration is completed, review all the completed mailboxes.

IMAP migration is completed.