In most cases, merging archive files with another PST file is not a straightforward task. Nonetheless, there are certain alternative approaches available for combining two PST files. Before delving into these methods, it's essential to understand the reasons why individuals may wish to merge archive files with another PST file.

Need to Merge Two PST Files

Many individuals frequently generate numerous PST files within Outlook, despite being aware of the challenges associated with managing multiple PST files. Nonetheless, consolidating multiple PST files into a single entity can yield significant advantages, including:

  • Prevent data file loss or unintended deletion.
  • Save time by refraining from repeatedly opening each file.
  • Prevent the individual sharing of files.

These points elucidate that consolidating multiple PST files simplifies management, accessibility, and sharing.

Methods to Merge Archive PST with Another PST

There are two manual approaches for consolidating archive files into another PST file. Below, we'll delve into both of these methods, providing a closer examination of how they work.

Method 1: Merging into a Master PST File

To merge two distinct PST files, I suggest creating a consolidated master PST file. Once you've generated this new PST file, you can effortlessly transfer the contents from your archive files into it. Follow the steps outlined below to copy the archive content into the newly created PST file.

Note: This approach allows you to modify the folder arrangement or merge folders that share a common topic but have distinct names.

  1. The first thing you need to do is connect one of the PST files to Outlook. To achieve this,
    • Navigate to the "File" tab within Outlook and then choose "Open."
    • To proceed, simply select the desired file for opening by clicking on "Open Outlook Data file."
  2. To transfer the contents of this file, either copy and paste them into a fresh Master PST file or utilize the drag-and-drop feature to move the content from one PST to another.
  3. After transferring the data to the Master PST file, proceed to delete the original PST file from your Outlook. To remove the PST file, you can follow these steps:
    • Navigate to the "File" tab and then choose "Account Settings."
    • Next, within the opened window, please choose "Data Files." Then, select the Outlook file you wish to work with and proceed by clicking "Remove." Select the desired Outlook file and click Remove

The complexity of this approach may pose challenges for those who aren't tech-savvy, as it involves a substantial amount of pst file creation and deletion. Therefore, you might want to explore a more straightforward method for merging two PST files.

Method 2: Use Import/Export Feature of Outlook

The Import/Export approach offers a straightforward solution for individuals seeking to seamlessly incorporate an archive file into an existing Outlook PST file. To execute this method, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Launch Outlook, then navigate to the File tab and choose Open & Export.
  2. In the "Open & Export" wizard, choose the "Import/Export" option. This action will trigger the appearance of a new wizard on the screen. Opt for "Import from another program" and then proceed by clicking "Next." Select the desired Outlook file and click Remove
  3. In the following step, choose the option labeled Outlook Data File (.pst) and then proceed by clicking on Next. Select Outlook Data File
  4. Please locate the file you wish to open in Outlook. Choose the option Prevent importing duplicates and then click on Next. Browse the file that you want to open
  5. Next, tick the checkbox labeled Include subfolders. Choose Import items into the same folder, and then proceed by clicking Finish. Import items into the same folder

The archive file has been integrated into the pre-existing PST file within Outlook.

We offer an uncomplicated method for combining PST files that doesn't require any technical expertise. You can easily merge multiple Outlook PST files using the Kernel Merge PST utility. The tool offers the ability to choose specific folders from the PST file prior to merging them. It offers a range of filters and customizable options to streamline the selection of necessary data from PST files for merging purposes. To learn more and access a free download of the tool, please visit the software's website.


It is crucial to regularly create archive files. However, when it comes to merging these files with other PST files, the procedure can become complex and overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to opt for a straightforward and efficient method that won't impact your Outlook data. Begin with manual techniques, and if they prove unsuccessful, consider employing a reliable third-party tool for PST file merging.

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