Sandro De Santis is an IT professional, who work as a volunteer to maintain a charity site in Rome, Italy. He manages the site by creating different VMWare Windows 10 machines, each one with a different purpose. He is well-versed with virtual machines and provides services with utmost accuracy and consistency.
Sandro De Santis

I am very grateful that I opted for your software that allowed me to recover my VMDK files quickly without any data loss.

Sandro De Santis

Practitioner of an ancient spiritual tradition

Industry : IT Solutions

Location: Italy

While maintaining Virtual machines on Windows 10, Sandro was facing VMDK corruption errors due to various unknown reasons, which made the VMachine unable to get Windows 10 updates. He tried to fix the VMDK corruption errors with some manual methods but unable to obtain desired results. Thus, he was looking for an instant solution that can quickly fix VMDK corruption errors and make it accessible.


While searching for a solution on Google, Sandro got to know about the Kernel VMDK Recovery tool. After trying the trial version, he purchased the technician version of the software. Sandro was pleased with the performance of the software. Using the utility, he was able to recover all the corrupt VMDK files.