Bountiful City administration extensively uses various IT resources to ensure effective governance. To make governance more effective and quicker, they even have started using cloud services like Office 365.
Bountiful City

We are delighted with the performance and quality of the work that your software offers. It helped us import our PST files to Office 365 quickly and effectively.

Bountiful City

Industry : Government Administration

Location: USA

The administration needs to move their on-premises data to Office 365. But, when they analyzed the manual process that uses the Azure tool, they found it very complex. Also, they needed to move multiple PST files to Office 365 at a time to ensure fast migration. So, they need a reliable solution to solve this problem.


To move their on-premises PST files to Office 365, the company decided to opt for Import PST to Office 365 software, due to its simple, stand-alone method of migrating PST files to Office 365. During the migration, the admin was able to import multiple PST files to Office 365 without any issues. Also, they loved the overall user interface and smooth working process of the tool. The client was delighted with our solution and the overall process offered by the tool.