Case Study - Fixed the Inaccessible 23 MB Excel File

Kernel Data Recovery Exhaustively Fixed the Inaccessible 23 MB Excel File
Doall Contained crucial accounting records
Doall Industry:Manage Accounting Location: America

Doall; an American company experienced a trouble in accessing the 23 MB MS Excel file that contained crucial accounting records of the company


Doall has been managing the accounting records of the company using the Excel sheet of Microsoft Office Suite. While adding the historical accounting records of the company, the file size of the Excel sheet had been increased to 23 MB. An increase in file size resulted in inaccessibility of Excel database. The company tried to copy the database into the fresh Excel sheet, but eventually Excel file got corrupted.


Kernel Data Recovery has inspected the issue of MS Excel file inaccessibility and found out that the substantial increase in file size of Excel database has demanded the crucial part of RAM space of the computer, which leads to slower processor response. The Excel file became unresponsive because of he overload on the computer’s memory. To avoid any mishap, It administration of the Doall company closed all the applications using End Task process and restarted the MS Excel application. After restarting the computer, the client again accessed the Excel file, but received the message “Unable to read the file”. Due to this error, all the Excel database, macrocodes, and formatting were corrupted, which resulted in the failure to read the Excel file.


After the effective inspection of Excel sheet file headers, Kernel Data Recovery team devised an effective solution to repair and restore the Excel database along with its fields, forms, reports, OLE objects, headers, footnotes, and hyperlinks, etc.

Initially, the team tried to access the 23 MB sized Excel sheet and made a copy of Excel file, to avoid any emergencies. Then, team also attempted to open the infected Excel file on different versions of Microsoft Excel, but the situation remained same. One of the most challenging part in dealing with such a large-sized Excel file was to regain every single table, macro codes, as well as formatting of the database. As the Excel file contained the accounting records of Doall Company, it was the toughest task to preserve the financial formulas that were applied in the Excel database.

After checking all the possibilities, Kernel Data Recovery team finally arrived at the decision to run the Kernel for Excel software. At first, the team loaded the Excel file into the software interface. Complete and successful scanning was performed on the entire database of Excel file using the intelligent algorithms configured in the software. Fortunately, within a matter of a few minutes, Kernel Data Recovery team was able to repair the Excel files by preserving the formatting, structure, and properties of Excel sheet.


The outcome produced by the Kernel for Excel was outstanding as the software genuinely recovered the 23 MB sized Excel database containing the crucial age-old accounting records of the Doall Company. The software also facilitated the client to have successful preview of the entire objects of Excel file, including fields, forms, reports, and OLE objects. The recovery of Excel file could not be possible, if the corrupt Excel file was treated unprofessionally.

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