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PDF files are easy to manage and print, and it is more secure than most other file formats. That is why files are converted to PDF from other formats. Let us understand in detail one such conversion – Outlook PST to Adobe PDF conversion.

How is PST to PDF conversion beneficial?

Converting PST to PDF has many advantages, some of which are listed here.

  • Users can now access Outlook emails without the need for the PST file or Outlook application
  • PDF file does not depend on any platform but opens readily with any PDF reader, which is not the case with the Outlook PST file
  • PDF files are easy to store and move from one location to another
  • PDF files can be read on mobile devices
  • Conversion of Outlook emails to PDF format makes data more secure with the use of permissions and passwords.
  • PDF files serve as a backup for the Outlook PST file data
  • PDF file conversion is a smart way to share PST data with another user without an Outlook application
Some manual ways to convert Outlook PST to PDF

There are two native ways to convert Outlook PST file to PDF format – via Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Microsoft Outlook application and Adobe Acrobat plugin in Microsoft Outlook application. Let us go through the steps involved in both of these procedures.

It is advised to make a backup copy of a PST file before performing the manual procedures explained below.

Converting emails to PDF via the Print to PDF feature in Outlook
  1. Open the Outlook application. From the desired PST mailbox folder, select those emails which you want to PDF.Open the Outlook application
  2. Then, go to File ? Print. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF Check the preview of the selected emails and other settings, then click the Print option.Microsoft Print to PDF
  3. A dialogue box, namely Save Print Output As, would appear for providing the name and folder for the converted PDF file.
  4. The converted emails will be saved to the specified destination.

    Note: Refer Printing Problems in Different MS Outlook Versions to resolve printing problems in different MS Outlook versions.

Converting PST emails PDF via Adobe Acrobat plugin

Note: It requires the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application on the system.

  1. Launch the Outlook application, click on the Adobe PDF tab on the top ribbon,
  2. Now, choose the emails from the mailbox folder, click on the Selected Messages option to select Create New PDF option from the drop-down list.
  3. Provide a file name and saving location. Then, click on Save to save the converted PDF file to the specified destination.
Want to perform PST to PDF conversion instantly? – Use this tool

From the above discussion, it is clear that both the manual solutions require the use of the installed Microsoft Outlook application, and one method even requires the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application, which every user cannot afford. Moreover, the processes are monotonous, time-consuming, and less flexible. To overcome these limitations, there is an alternative solution – PST to PDF converter.

Kernel for Outlook to PDF is a completely free-to-download application to convert Outlook PST emails to PDF files precisely. It only requires the Outlook PST file (no need for Outlook application installation) for the conversion of selected items or folders to PDF file format, along with the original metadata and properties. The tool converts selected PST emails or folders to the PDF format automatically. It does not alter the structure of the mailbox items and works on all Windows OS versions. For the automated search of PST files on the system drives, a Search option is integrated; to protect converted PDF files, a PDF password encryption option is also available to users.

Converting Outlook PST to PDF with Kernel for Outlook to PDF

If you want to overcome all the drawbacks linked with the manual ways of Outlook PST to PDF conversion, try the most efficient Kernel for Outlook to PDF tool. And here are the working steps of the conversion process:

  1. Launch the installed Kernel for Outlook to PDF Now, on the opened dialogue box, either click the Browse option to browse and add the PST file or click the Search option to search and add the PST.Outlook to PDF tool
  2. Select the browsed PST file and click Open to add it.Select the browsed PST file
  3. The added PST file mailbox contents will get retrieved. Click on any mailbox folder item to have its complete and detailed preview before actually performing the conversion. Select the mailbox folders by selecting the checkboxes against them for converting to PDF file. Then click on the displayed icon Convert selected folders.converting to PDF file
    And, if you wish to move selected emails to PDF files, select those emails from a folder and click on the option to Convert selected items.Convert selected items
  4. Next, add security settings as per your requirements – encryption with a password or no encryption, add permission settings from Print, Copy, Modify, Annotate with a password. Then click Next.add security settings
  5. The conversion of selected PST folders to PDF files will get started.start conversion of selected PST folders to PDF
  6. The conversion process will complete soon with a message with the link to the destination folder of the converted PDF files. Click on that link to directly go to the PDF file location.conversion process completed
  7. Hence, we just have learned the quickest and smartest way to convert PST files to PDF files.

Get this advanced utility for free and fulfill your requirements to convert Outlook PST file to PDF file format in the most efficient way.


Understanding the importance and requirement of converting Outlook emails to PDF format, we have discussed two manual methods – using Microsoft Print to PDF or Adobe Acrobat plugin; Both the methods have certain drawbacks. So we have recommended the best alternative, namely Kernel for Outlook to PDF tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the drawbacks of the Microsoft Print to PDF feature to convert PST emails to PDF?

A- The manual way of converting PST to PDF always requires Microsoft Outlook, and it is not suitable for bulk email conversion.

Q- What is the use of the Search option in the Kernel for Outlook to PDF tool?

A- The Search feature in the tool lets users perform the automated search of PST files in a specified drive. It lists all the available PSTs in the particular drive folder. It is helpful when users do not know the exact location of the PST file on their systems.

Q- Can I assign any permission to converted PDF files beforehand using this tool?

A- Yes, of course. It allows users to encrypt their converted file with a password and to set permissions like Print, Copy, Modify and Annotate before actually converting it.

Q- What would I require to start the conversion with the free Kernel for Outlook to PDF tool?

A- You just require the installed application on your system. Also, you need to have PST files available on your system to start the conversion. There is no need for Microsoft Outlook on your system.

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