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Summary: Zoho Mail offers IMAP-based communication for organizations. Manual email backup via Import/Export is available but limited. Kernel IMAP Backup offers efficient and secure IMAP account backup in various formats, a user-friendly interface, and widespread use.

Zoho Mail stands as an IMAP-driven solution tailored to meet the communication needs of organizations. Through email, it facilitates seamless information exchange. Beyond its core email functionality, Zoho Mail boasts a range of features encompassing contacts, calendars, tasks, bookmarks, and more. Security is a paramount concern, with the Zoho Mail app fortified by two-factor authentication and a plethora of other protective measures. Moreover, it fosters integration with a suite of Zoho Mail Apps such as Zoho CRM, Creator, Projects, and extends its reach to external applications via platforms like Zapier.

There are many users for this secure IMAP email client. Still, they need to back up their Zoho Mail emails in certain circumstances.

Need to Backup Zoho Mail

We have listed some valid reasons behind the need to backup Zoho Mail data.

  • To secure against accidental emails deletion from users
  • To keep as a record for business compliances and regulations
  • To access Zoho Mail data anytime, anywhere and to share with others
  • To build some storage space in Zoho Mail mailboxes
  • To secure Zoho Mail emails from online hackers, malware, and virus attacks
A Free Way to Backup Zoho Mail

Individuals seeking a no-cost, hands-on approach to back up their Zoho Mail messages can make use of the Import/Export feature within the email client. This feature empowers users to archive emails in the EML file format directly on their local system. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  1. Sign in to your Zoho Mail email client application.
  2. Click on the Settings (gear) icon on the email application.
    Sign in to your Zoho Mail
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down and move to the Import/Export Emails section. Click the Export History link under it.
    Import/Export Emails
  4. In the opened Import/Export Emails window, move to the Export section, select the folder, and add a date filter range as per the requirement. Make sure to select the Include Subfolders checkbox to move all subfolders within the selected mailbox folder.
    move all subfolders
  5. After the selections are completed, click on the Export option to initiate the export of the Zoho Mail emails.
    export of the Zoho Mail emails
  6. Once the export is completed, an email will be sent to the user via the Zoho Mail itself with the link saying Show zip links. When the user clicks on this link, it will redirect to the page where the exported EML files are available. The Zip file can be downloaded and extracted to the desired system location.

Hence, the manual export of Zoho Mail emails to EML files is completed successfully.

While the manual process is indeed viable, allowing users to access exported EML files across various email clients, it falls short when the need arises to selectively back up specific content. Furthermore, this method is constrained by an export size limit of 500MB and limited to EML file format.

However, fret not, as we have a superb alternative to the manual approach – a smart and innovative third-party solution for Zoho Mail Backup: Kernel IMAP Backup.

Quick & Easy Zoho Mail Backup with Kernel IMAP Backup tool

The Kernel IMAP Backup tool has been meticulously designed for users seeking swift and effective backup solutions for their IMAP accounts. With the ability to export data into file formats such as PST, HTML, RTF, MSG, and more, it caters to a diverse array of user needs. This tool boasts compatibility with nearly all IMAP server accounts and extends its functionality to include the backup of Gmail account data in PST format.

What sets it apart is its seamless integration of a user-friendly interface with advanced features, ensuring a speedy and hassle-free backup process. It stands as the most trusted and widely adopted IMAP backup tool within the software market, reflecting its popularity and reliability.

For Zoho Mail users seeking a reliable solution to back up their emails, you can explore the impressive utility of the Kernel IMAP Backup tool. To get started, simply download and install the software from the official website at This tool allows you to effortlessly back up your Zoho account emails to Outlook PST or any other preferred file format of your choice.

The working process of the Kernel IMAP Backup tool for backup of Zoho mails is as follows.

  1. Launch the Kernel IMAP Backup tool.
  2. On the welcome screen of the tool, click on the Add option to add your IMAP account, here Zoho mail account.
    Kernel IMAP Backup
  3. On the Connect to IMAP Mailbox page, provide the required details like Server name/IP, user email or login ID, Password of your Zoho Mail account, and click Add.
    Connect to IMAP Mailbox
  4. The Zoho Mail IMAP account will get added. Users can add more than one account using the plus icon if needed. Click Set Filter and Migrate to continue.
    Set Filter and Migrate
  5. Select the desired mailbox folders by selecting checkboxes against them, add a date filter if required, select checkboxes to exclude deleted and empty folders, save selected data to a separate folder, and use other options as per your need. Then click on the I am OK, Start Migration option.
    Select the desired mailbox folder to save
  6. Select PST file as the output type for backup and click OK.
    Select PST file as the output type
  7. Select am existing folder on the system or add a new folder by selecting the Make New Folder option and click OK.
    Make New Folder
  8. The backup of Zoho Mail data gets started and the live progress of the backup can be seen.
    The backup of  Zoho Mail data gets started
  9. The backup of the Zoho account mailbox will get completed soon with the confirmation dialogue box. Click OK.
    backup of the Zoho account mailbox completed
  10. To check the migration logs or summary, click on the Migration Log option and click the Save to CSV option (to save the migration report in the CSV file format at the desired path location).
    save the migration report in the CSV file

Hence, the Zoho Mail content is successfully backed up in the Outlook PST file format and can be exported or viewed in the Outlook email application anytime.

Let us have a quick look at the advantages of the Kernel IMAP Backup tool.

  • Backup of all IMAP Server email accounts
  • Backup multiple IMAP accounts and mailboxes
  • Multiple output file types – PST, MSG, RTF, PDF, DOCX, etc.
  • Filtering of IMAP data with folder selection, date filters, and more options
  • Quick creation of a new folder from the interface for saving backup files
  • Migration logs and report saving to CSV file format
  • Compatibility with all Windows OS versions
  • Free version to try and test the tool’s capabilities


Numerous Zoho Mail users express the need to safeguard their emails by storing them on their local systems. While this can traditionally be achieved through Zoho Mail’s Import/Export feature, there are compelling reasons for Zoho Mail users to consider adopting the Kernel IMAP Backup utility. This tool offers an efficient means to secure and archive mailbox data from their IMAP accounts, providing users with enhanced flexibility and peace of mind.