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Summary: JPEG is a popular image format known for its compressed quality, but it’s susceptible to errors. This article lists the top 5 JPEG file errors and provides solutions for each, including registry errors, file extensions, and corruption. A professional repair tool is also recommended.

JPEG stands as a highly favored image format due to its widespread use. Regardless of the source, be it personal computers, digital cameras, laptops, or various other devices, it excels in preserving high-quality compressed images within minimal storage space, all while maintaining the integrity of the image properties. These files are effortlessly transferable, storable, and provide a superb viewing experience. However, no file format is immune to data loss resulting from corruption or human errors. JPEG files share the same susceptibility to corruption or damage as other image formats.

We are going to list the top 5 JPEG file errors which users face frequently.

The list of errors in JPEG image files extends beyond the five mentioned above. Before heading to make you understand free methods to repair corrupt JPEG files or fix JPEG file errors, we would like to mention some common possible reasons behind any corruption or inaccessibility of JPEG files.

Common Causes for Corruption/Damage of JPEG format files
  • Damaged or corrupt header files
  • Incomplete scanning of files
  • Bad sectors in storage device or media
  • Dim or low power-supply while taking pictures
  • Infected or bugged storage devices
  • Alternation of extension (knowingly or unknowingly)
  • Faults in file coding or description
More about Top 5 JPEG File Errors

Let’s delve into the five most common JPEG file errors individually.

Invalid Value for Registry Error:

Invalid Value for Registry Error

When attempting to open a JPEG image file, the user may encounter an unexpected error. This issue typically arises following a system reboot or after upgrading the operating system, such as transitioning from Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10. When attempting to access the JPEG file, the registry sends an instruction to perform this action. However, if it fails to locate the necessary path, the error mentioned above is displayed.


Try these methods in order to fix the registry error.

  • Install the latest drivers
  • Update the image viewer program
  • Delete outdated entries and restart the program

JPEG Error #52

JPEG Error #52

This error typically occurs when a JPEG file, originally saved with the .jpeg extension, is subsequently saved with a different extension, such as .png or .bmp.

  • Check the original source file extension
  • Change the image file extension to .jpeg again using the Save As option or manual modification
  • Try opening the image with aa alternate image viewer program

JPEG Error #53

This error prevents users from accessing the JPEG file, primarily attributed to potential operating system corruption. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider alternative factors, such as saving with an incorrect extension or encountering problems with RAM, hard drive, installed programs, registry, or the system itself. Fortunately, we can provide you with helpful solutions to resolve this issue.

  • Open the file in image editors like Adobe Photoshop or Paint and save as .jpeg format
  • Try downloading the file again to check if the incomplete download is an issue
  • Accessing the corrupt .jpeg file with another viewer program
  • Copying JPEG file and saving with .jpeg extension which can work if extension modification is the reason

JPEG File Error Code 0x80070522

JPEG File Error Code 0x80070522

This error commonly arises when users make unauthorized modifications or edits to an image. Subsequently, when attempting to access the file, you may encounter an error message of this nature.

  • Get the permission to access the file and try opening it again
  • To deactivate Admin Approval Mode within Local Policies, access the Windows settings by typing “secpol.msc” into the search bar.

Run box and following Local Policies ? Security Options ? User Account Control Admin

Approval…. Then right-click on User Account Control Admin Approval…, select Properties and click Disabled finally).

Account Control Admin

Invalid Marker

Invalid Marker

The error mentioned above might stem from improperly or incompletely downloaded JPEG files retrieved from the Internet. Alternatively, it could result from encoding or decoding problems or the presence of bad sectors on the storage medium containing these files. Rectifying this error manually can be challenging. Nevertheless, you can attempt the following methods:

  • Try renaming the file and see if can be accessed now
  • Perform hardware troubleshooting when the error is attributed to connection problems or issues with the storage device.
  • Open the affected file in another photo viewer application
  • Save as the file in another format using Paint or other application

All of the JPEG errors mentioned above can be addressed using the provided solutions. However, there is a significant chance that the error may persist, indicating potential corruption in the JPEG files. Therefore, we strongly advise opting for efficient, fast, and secure repair software at this juncture.

Professional tool

If the JPEG error is still there, then let the advanced repair tool, the Kernel Photo Repair handle this problem. The tool offers a straightforward solution for photo repair and is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System as well as various image file formats, making it a standout feature. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the tool, you can explore its free trial version.

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JPEG images can be susceptible to corruption due to various factors. This blog discusses common errors encountered in JPEG files and provides useful manual techniques to address them. If these manual methods prove ineffective, we recommend using a reliable and efficient repair tool as an alternative solution.

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