Top 5 IMAP Backup Tools for IMAP Users

Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam | Updated On - 13 Jan 2022 |

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Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a protocol client widely used by email client users to send/receive emails. For instance, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail are IMAP email clients. IMAP emails stand out from other clients because they store your emails on a server, allowing you to access your email messages anywhere. For example, if you want to add an iCloud Account to Outlook, then you can use its IMAP input and output web server, then account will be activated in Outlook.

But, IMAP emails get deleted or lost if anything happens to the server. For instance, any error can occur to the IMAP server if it is attacked by malware or the server crashes. In such events, it is crucial to backup your IMAP mailboxes before the disaster happens.

So, how can you back up your IMAP mailboxes?

We’re not going to dive into the manual process of IMAP backup, as it is lengthy and time-consuming. There are many IMAP backup tools available in the market that offer easy backup processes. In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 IMAP backup tools you can use for IMAP data backup.

  1. Kernel IMAP Backup
    Kernel IMAP Backup stands out from the crowd when it comes to IMAP backup. It is an advanced utility specifically created to help you backup all your IMAP mailboxes quickly. It is integrated with multiple functionalities that allow you to make a selective backup of IMAP emails.

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    • You can filter the IMAP mailbox data by date filter and folder selection options
    • Allow you to backup single/multiple IMAP mailboxes at once
    • Save the IMAP emails in numerous formats, including PST, EML, MSG, MHT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF format
    • Supports incremental backup by skipping already backed up items from IMAP mailboxes
    • Supports Novell Groupwise, Exchange, Office 365, and Lotus Notes accounts
    • Provides simple user-interface with minimum steps to save IMAP Data to PST file
    • The tool can also perform automatic backup of IMAP mailboxes if you use a CSV file. Furthermore, it offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easier even for new users to use the tool.

  2. IMAP Downloader
  3. If you’re looking for an open-source IMAP backup tool, IMAPDownloader is an excellent choice. It is one of the simplest open-source backup software that does all the work for you. All you need to do is provide the right credentials and let it do the rest for you. During the backup, you can even view the progress of downloading in the tool’s UI.

    IMAPDownloader creates a ZIP file of emails on your system, which can further be used to access your emails. The tool comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that only asks for your IMAP credentials and does the rest for you. It only takes a few minutes to back up the emails, depending upon the size of mailboxes. Moreover, if you want to back up specific folders, you can make your selection from the tree structure and then perform the backup.

  4. Mailbird IMAP Backup
    Whether you want to backup IMAP or POP mailboxes, Mailbird can help you with everything. Any user can easily access the Mailbird backup tool after subscribing to Mailbird. It is also considered one of the best email management tools to help you organize your mailboxes. For instance, it allows you to manage your emails and contacts from multiple accounts into one inbox. Some of the major functionalities of the tool are:

    • Highly customizable due to the built-in apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, etc.
    • Offers quick recovery of IMAP mailboxes with a smooth process
    • Integrated with advanced email management functionalities to optimize your mailboxes
    • Provides a free trial to analyze its performance and working process
    • Mailbird is easy to incorporate into your daily lives, as it takes minimum space on your system for installation.

  5. DRS Softech IMAP Backup Tool
    DRS IMAP backup tool can help you save and backup your mailboxes from various IMAP servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho Mail, Amazon Webmail, iCloud, etc. This tool offers a straightforward interface to help you backup your mailboxes quickly. Using this tool, you can backup IMAP emails on your local computer. The tool offers broad compatibility with multiple platforms. Some extensive features of the DRS IMAP Backup tool are:

    • Save IMAP mailboxes to various formats, such as PST, JSON, PDF, MBOX, EML, PNG, etc.
    • Allow you to download and backup all the IMAP items, including emails, contacts, and calendar
    • Export IMAP mailboxes directly to Yahoo, Office 365, AOL, Yandex Mail, iCloud, and other email clients
    • Transfer backup emails to another IMAP account in the safest manner
    • Schedule your IMAP backup process based on your requirements
    • Save your IMAP backup to External Hard Drive, Flash Drive, and Local machine
    • The tool is available as a free trial that allows you to back up a limited number of emails from your IMAP email account.

  6. Aryson IMAP Backup Tool
    If you’re looking for a utility that can backup all your IMAP mailboxes on your local system, the Aryson IMAP backup tool is a great option. It gives you the option to backup your IMAP mailboxes to OST, PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, CSV, PDF, and many other formats. The tool even allows you to migrate your mailboxes to Office 365, live Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, and other IMAP servers. Aryson IMAP Backup tool is integrated with some advanced features, including:

    • Back up all your mailbox items, including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.
    • Converts and downloads multiple IMAP mailboxes at once
    • Export all IMAP account data to a live Exchange Server
    • Saves all IMAP account contacts in a CSV file format
    • Maintains the data hierarchy and integrity of IMAP account
    • It offers a user-friendly and intuitive GUI for an easy backup process
    • The tool is compatible across all versions of Windows, but it is expensive compared to other IMAP backup tools.

Key Takeaways

Every organization relying on IMAP mailboxes needs a backup tool to avoid disasters or data loss. This list features the top 5 IMAP backup tools you can use to easily secure and backup your IMAP mailboxes. However, not every tool is made for you, so we have specified their capabilities to help you pick the best tool.