SharePoint 2016 vs. SharePoint 2019 – A Brief Comparison

Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma | Updated On - December 08, 2022 |

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SharePoint is an integral part of Microsoft 365 and works as a collaborative web-based platform for document storage, management, and sharing activities. It is used by millions of users worldwide and offers file hosting services, custom web applications, intranet, and social networking. There were a lot of discussions regarding what people should expect from the SharePoint 2019 version, and Microsoft has introduced many new features in SharePoint 2019 that were not available in the previous SharePoint 2016 version. The new version, SharePoint 2019 version.

This blog is intended for the comparison of features in these two latest versions of the SharePoint application.

Before discussing the comparisons between SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019, let us know the latest updates with the launch of SharePoint 2019.

New Updates in SharePoint 2019

  • Introduction of modern Communication Sites
  • Introduction of modern Sites and Page Layouts
  • Support to large files, improvement in file/folder name conventions, and character restrictions

The above improvements or changes do not give a larger picture of the actual differences between the two. So, we have prepared a table for a quick comparison between the same.

Comparing: SharePoint 2016 vs. SharePoint 2019

Features/Factors SharePoint 2019 SharePoint 2016
Cost $375 per month $8 per month
Free Trial 30 days 30 days
File storage limit within doc libraries 15 GB 10 GB
File path limit (max.) 400 characters 260 characters
Communication Sites enhancements Available Not Available
Files sync with OneDrive sync client Available Not Available
SharePoint App Catalog Not Available Available
SMTP Authentication for emails Yes No
Quick Site Creation Yes No
Modern homepage UI experience Available Not Available
Modern Teams Sites & Sites Pages Available Not Available
Simple sharing UI Available Not Available
Enhanced hybrid environment Yes No
Telemetry privacy Available Not Available
Files sync with OneDrive sync client Available Not Available
Access services 2010, 2013, Infopath services, SharePoint Designer Obsolete Supported
Wiki pages Not Available Available
Microsoft Flow Available Not Available
Enhanced Search Experience Yes No

Some Examples of Modern Experience in SharePoint 2019

The above comparison definitely displays the enhancements of features and UI experience in the SharePoint 2019 version. And there is more to understand about the new capabilities of the SharePoint 2019 version.

Enhanced Central Administration Site: It is now easy for SharePoint Farm administrators to reach the sites. Also, the home page of the Central Administration site has links to administration documentation and public updates.

New pages – Modern pages provide quick ways to develop or create new pages through web parts with less structure and coding.

Team site, Communication site home pages – Team sites are optimized for mobile devices and provide a modern experience with quick links for the site activity, news, document library, site activity, etc. Now Communication sites are simple to create.

Lists and Libraries – Optimized lists and libraries in SharePoint 2019 with features like file copy and from the command bar, adding files as links, columns formatting, document pinning, easy filtering and sorting, and more.

Search – Offers modern search experience with advanced search results, integrations of modern search boxes, a good overview of search results based on type, and more.

Modern Experience: In SharePoint 2019, the SharePoint start page offers easy finding/accessing SharePoint sites, creating sites, finding news and portals related to followed and suggested sites.

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After reading the advancements in SharePoint 2019, you may be captivated to migrate from SharePoint 2016. One fact will also push you toward this decision as SharePoint 2016 met its mainstream end on July 13, 2021. For extended support, you require to may more to Microsoft for extended support for SharePoint 2016. For modern web experience, you must migrate from SharePoint 2016 to 2019 and save your money.

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FAQs Related to SharePoint 2016 & SharePoint 2019

Q- Is migrating to SharePoint 2019 expensive?

A- The subscription plans of the latest SharePoint 2019 version are definitely costlier than its previous version SharePoint 2016. So, users can make a decision based on cost vs. feature comparison.

Q- Can I upload files to my SharePoint 2016 version using the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint tool?

A- Yes, of course. The Kernel Migrator for SharePoint tool does support a file system to SharePoint migration. Check this link out for more information –

Q- Are there any restrictions on data migration with this migrator tool?

A- No, there are no size or volume restrictions on data or sites while migrating using the full version of the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint tool.

Q- What is a Communication Site in SharePoint?

A- A Communication Site is useful for a page for a company event, intranet landing page, etc. Basically, it is a site for internal use, with no publishing features.

Q- Please mention the file storage limits in the new SharePoint 2019.

A- In the latest SharePoint 2019 version, the maximum allowed file storage is 15 GB (in place of 10 GB of SharePoint 2016).