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Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email services, which offers various features to allow users to manage their emails efficiently. Due to the launch of more advanced platforms, users need to save their emails in formats like the Portable Document Format (PDF). This file format precisely presents the document, and all its content is independent of any application, software, and operating system. Due to several reasons, professionals are transferring their essential email data from Yahoo Mail to PDF. In this article, we will discuss the reasons and methods that allow saving Yahoo emails as PDF files in a jiffy.

What are the reasons behind saving Yahoo emails in PDF?

PDF is a common file format that is used to save the essential data of the users. Certain techniques will help you to backup Yahoo emails to PC. Here are the advantages of this.

  • It can be password protected to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the data involved.
  • Users can easily access PDF documents. There is no need for any costly software or application to open it – Adobe Reader or any browser can open it.
  • Watermark can be added to the document to avoid any copyright problems.
  • In comparison to other formats, PDF file occupies lesser storage space due to their compact sizes.
Techniques to Effortlessly Save Yahoo Emails as PDF

With the support of certain Yahoo features and applications, saving Yahoo emails as PDF files has become much simpler. It can be done by following a few manual or professional techniques.

  1. Using the Print command:
    The Print feature in Yahoo Mail can also be put to other uses apart from its primary function of printing documents. It can save a few emails to a PDF file at any preferred location on the system.

    Follow these steps to use the Print feature to save emails as PDF-

    1. Launch Yahoo Mail and sign in with your login credentials.
    2. Open the particular email message and click on ‘More’ represented by 3 horizontal dots.
    3. A drop-down menu will appear; select ‘Print.’select Print
    4. The Print window will open. On the destination column, choose ‘Save as PDF.’ You can also adjust the layout and number of pages. Click on ‘Save’ to proceed.adjust the layout and number of pages
    5. Choose a location to save the PDF file, and finally, click on ‘Save.’

    This is the simplest method. However, it is not suitable for saving multiple emails into PDF documents since it can become quite time-consuming. It can be used for the conversion of only a few emails.

  2. Using Microsoft Word:
    The MS Word application can be utilized to store emails into various other file formats. It can effortlessly save Yahoo emails as PDF within a few mouse clicks, provided that the content is clear and crisp.

    Follow the procedure to save Yahoo emails as PDF-

    1. Open the email message and copy the entire text you want to save as a PDF.Open the email message and copy the entire text
    2. Launch MS Word on your system and paste this entire data into a new file.
    3. Select ‘File‘ and click on ‘Save As.’click on Save As
    4. Under ‘Save as type,’ pick the PDF format.pick the PDF format
    5. Click on ‘Save’ to conclude.Click on Save to conclude

    This method is cumbersome, and it is only effective for saving a few emails into PDF files. It could take a large amount of time to save multiple emails. Also, the data must be in text format.

  3. Using a professional tool:
    Saving several emails to PDF can turn into a tough task if you continue to use manual methods. If the conversion thread is long, using a professional tool is intelligent. Yahoo Mail supports the IMAP protocol to retrieve all its emails. Hence, taking the backup of the IMAP data can prove to be fruitful. Kernel IMAP Backup has been designed to backup single or multiple mailboxes and save them in a preferred file format, including PDF, PST, HTML, MSG, MHT, DOC, EML, and DOCX. This utility maintains the structure and hierarchy of the mailbox keeping the data secure.

    Follow These Steps to Save Emails as PDF Using the Kernel IMAP Backup:

    1. Install the Kernel IMAP Backup on your system. Click on ‘Add’ to enter the Yahoo account.Install the Kernel IMAP Backup tool
    2. Enter all the credentials and click on ‘Add.’Enter all the credentials
    3. The mailbox will be added. Click on ‘Set Filter and Migrate’ to proceed.Set Filter and Migrate
    4. Select the filters as per your requirements.Select the filters
    5. Check the output file format as PDF and click on ‘OK.’Check the output file format as PDF
    6. Choose a location to save the PDF file anywhere on your system and select ‘OK.’Choose a location to save the PDF file
    7. The software will start migrating Yahoo emails as PDF documents.start migrating Yahoo emails as PDF
    8. A confirmation message will appear on the screen after a successful migration process.


The prime objective of any user saving Yahoo emails as PDF documents is to take backup of their important data. Some other reasons include wider accessibility, better privacy, compactness, and the facility to add the watermark. This process can be carried by using the Print feature in Yahoo Mail itself. In addition, MS Word can also be put at work to carry out this task. However, both the manual methods are lengthy and are not effective in saving multiple email data. Using a professional tool to save Yahoo emails as PDF files in a jiffy is a wise decision.

Kernel IMAP Backup
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