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Our digital lives are largely dependent upon the computer and Internet world. The outcome of this digital age has made our official as well as personal work heavily relied on computerized machines. The computers store many crucial and personal information that if lost due to any mishap, can bring havoc in your life. As these are machines, their reliability can’t be trusted blindly. One of the crucial error messages such as “BOOTMGR is missing”, which can draw serious repercussions at your disposal. In such situations, one of the most crucial stuff you lose is your data, i.e. stored on the computer’s hard drive. How would you recover from such situations? Lets explore more about the BOOTMGR error message.

Everything about BOOTMGR errors

BOOTMGR errors are raised when an operating system files are unable to load from the hard drive. Boot manager is a program that is responsible for loading the operating system files from the hard drive. The following list describes the various causes of BOOTMGR error.

  • Glitches or issues occurred during the Windows OS upgradation process
  • Hardware failures such as faulty SATA cables, faulty Hard Drive
  • Corruption of crucial Hard Drive sectors
  • Corrupt operating system and its associated files

You can recover from BOOTMGR errors if the cause of the problem is not severe enough to crash your hard disk. The recovery from BOOTMGR error can be performed by letting the computer to boot once. However, automatic recovery from this situation usually happens, then in such scenarios you should execute the Startup Repair procedure.

Windows startup repair operation

Windows Startup repair can be called as the recovery tool for Windows operating system. The repair procedure used in the situations, when the Windows operating system freeze after Power On Self Test (POST). Different operating system has a different interface and process to run the Startup repair. The following steps involve the Windows 8
Startup recovery procedure:

  • Insert your Windows 8 DVD drive or plug your bootable flash drive into the system.
  • Boot from the DVD or removable disk. The Windows Setup screen is displayed.
  • Click the Repair your computer link on the Windows Setup screen. The Choose an option page is displayed.
  • Select the Troubleshoot tile on the Choose an option page.
  • Select the Advanced options tile on the Troubleshoot page.
  • Select the Automatic Repair tile on the Advanced options page.
  • After the selection of Automatic Repair option, the computer starts to scan and repair issues by repairing the BOOTMGR program.

The probability of getting the repaired operating system and the recovery of data from the hard disk is very bleak in cases of grievous virus infections and corruption even after performing the Windows Startup repair process. The loss of data pertaining to such mishaps hampers the time-constraint projects and productivity. However, hope is always present to support us in such situations. One of the outstanding software that recovers Windows data from corrupt hard drive sectors, faulty hard drives, or virus infected systems.

Final solution

The software typically sustains any failure and recovers data from impossible situations. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is developed over the base of technologically advanced algorithms, which gives the outstanding cent percent results. For More details about this highly efficient and output-driven software, please visit at https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/windows-data-recovery.html.

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