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Resolving SQL Server Error 8942

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SQL Server is the most reliable, fast and effective relational database management system specially designed for the enterprise environment. This application efficiently manages the enterprise data in the form of tables. Whenever you need to access the data stored in the SQL tables, you need to run queries for getting the desired information. But sometimes due to unexpected shutdown, application errors, hardware bugs and other similar faults, SQL server results into DBCC CHECKDB errors and thereby leading to inaccessibility of table data.

If there is some issue with the table, then the following error message can display:

Server: Msg 8942, Level 16, State 1
Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID. Test (TEST) failed. Slot S_ID, offset 0xADDRESS overlaps with the prior row.


  • The reason for the above error is the overlapping of the slots. In normal cases, the offset of the next slot should be greater than the previous slot but due to some reason, the offset of slot S_ID is not equal or greater than previous slot end. When the table test was performed, it was noticed that sorted offset is greater or equal to an expected value, ‘max’. Hence, SQL Server reported the error. 

Workaround of the problem:

Consider the methods which are mentioned below to troubleshoot the database table errors:

  • Restore the database from the recent data backup. But if the database backup is not available, go for the methods mentioned below.
  • There can be some hardware issues behind this error. So, diagnose the system, application and SQL Server error logs to know the exact hardware issues, if there is some hardware issue, then you need to replace the damaged hardware with the normal one.
  • If there is no hardware issue, then run DBCC CHECKDB command without using any repair clause. The DBCC CHECKDB command determines the repair clause that is required to be applied for resolving this error. After getting the repair clause, run DBCC CHECKDB with the exact repair clause.

After applying the above mentioned procedures, there can be possibility of data loss.  The lost data can be recovered with the help of SQL database recovery software. Kernel for SQL is efficient and convenient SQL recovery software that helps to repair the corrupt and damaged MDF files. MDF files that are used to store data can get corrupt due to unexpected system shutdown, engine errors, power failures, virus attacks or software errors. Kernel for SQL Server employs efficient recovery engine to deal with such corruption issues and provide the desired results.

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