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PDF File Freezes Corrupt PDF after Download

Marvin Simmons Updated On - 24 Feb 2020

PDF files are one the source documents to view any document over internet or local PC irrespective of the Page Layout, Fonts and Colors used. At times, these useful PDF files get corrupt due to varied reasons like virus contamination, incomplete downloads, and file errors.

Users can take some easy preventive measures to avoid PDF file corruptions:

  1. Clear your Temporary Internet files, browsers cache and then try again. If you will not perform this action, any additional attempt compels the browser to show you the damaged or corrupt version of PDF document instead of downloading again from the Web Server.
  2. Configure Adobe reader for not opening the PDF files in browser
  3. Update the Adobe Acrobat with the latest version available on the website of Adobe systems. If you are already with the latest version on your PC, remove and re-install the application again.
  4. Upgrade the Web browser to newer versions that correctly display issues of PDF files sent dynamically using POST or ASP (Active Server Page) methods.
  5. Open a local copy of PDF file in the Acrobat product.
    • Ask the provider to modify the path of the PDF file so that the URL contains 256 characters or fewer characters and then ask the provider to upload the file again.
    • Upgrade Internet Explorer to 5.5 or later version which supports an unlimited number of characters in the URL of file path.
      1. If a copy of PDF file opens in the Acrobat, then check the URL of the PDF file. If the URL contains more than 256 characters then do one of the following:
      2. If Acrobat product displays blank screen or an error while opening, then clear your Temporary Internet files, browser history and refresh your web browser before making an additional attempt.
  6. Enable Acrobat ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer 4.x or later versions. Enabling this will change Internet Explorer’s security options for all ActiveX Controls.
  7. Download and install alternative Web Browser and try downloading the PDF file again.

With these steps, you can avoid the problem of PDF file corruption that occurs during the file downloads.

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