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Now, the G Suite users are no longer limited to accessing their Google Cloud account at the web browser only because there is a unique syncing tool that allows you to use a G Suite account in MS Outlook. The GSSMO tool is the G Suite to Microsoft Outlook Sync application that is from Google. Using the GSSMO tool you can sync your G Suite account with Outlook and then copy emails form G Suite mailbox to the Office 365 mailbox in Outlook. Whenever, you will open the Outlook after installing the tool, then it will automatically sync with G Suite account. Now, your issues related to fix G Suite not syncing with Outlook will be solved.

Sync G Suite with Office 365

You can download the software at the below URL –
Sync G Suite with Office 365
Click the Download GSSMO option to download the tool. You can also download the tool with 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

The tool will download an installer application, and when you click it, then it will install the complete file.

Then you can continue to open the tool and follow its instructions.

  1. After getting a successful installation, you need to sign-in with your G Suite account.
    sign-in with your G Suite account
  2. Click Continue after providing the G Suite account details.
    Click Continue after providing details
  3. The tool is asking you to sync with the given account; choose the account.
    Choose the account to sync
  4. The tool makes a connection with your account, and it can be used for multiple like –
    • Reading, composing, sending, and deleting emails
    • Managing the mailbox labels
    • Inserting the mails to the inbox
    • Checking, editing, creating, and deleting the Google Drive files
    • Viewing the group domains
    • Viewing and managing the provisioning of users on the account’s domain.
    • Managing the messages of the domain
    • Seeing, editing, downloading, permanently deleting the contacts
    • Viewing the calendar entries
    • Checking, sharing, editing, and permanently deleting the calendars that are accessible to the Google Calendar
    • Creating, editing, organizing, deleting the tasks

  5. After checking the synchronization jobs, you can click the Allow option.
    click the Allow option
  6. The message appears that the authorization has been granted successfully. You can go back to the application.
    authorization has been granted successfully
  7. When you open the application, then you get the option ‘Import data from an existing profile.’ You can use the checkbox to add Email messages, Contacts, Deleted messages, Calendars, Junk Email, Notes, journal entries, and tasks. Click the checkbox, and then click Create Profile.
    Import data from an existing profile
  8. The Sync setup is complete. Click Start Microsoft Outlook.
    Start Microsoft Outlook
  9. Choose the G Suite account from the list and click OK.
    Choose the G Suite account
  10. The tool has started syncing with multiple accounts simultaneously. You can check their progress, and if the syncing stops, then you can re-sync again.
    check the progress of syncing
  11. A new account is created in the Outlook, and you can easily access the items along with Office 365.
    A new account is created in Outlook

This way, you can achieve a secure synchronization between the platforms of Google and Microsoft. But the synchronization will work only till the GSSMO tool is active on the system. You can see that it can synchronize only a single account, and if you want to access multiple accounts, then you will have to use the tool on each system and sync the account separately.

Move the Emails to Office 365 Mailbox

First, make sure that your Office 365 account is configured in Outlook. Outlook offers the features to move the emails between two mailboxes. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to G Suite account’s folder, choose the mails, right-click them, and click Move >> Other folder.
    Click on to move in other folder
  2. Choose the Office 365 account’s folder and click OK. The emails will be migrated instantly.
    The email in migrated

It is the least effective method to move the content from one account to another, but the user need to migrate the required items regularly.


If you really want to see your G Suite content at Microsoft 365 in an efficient way, then you should use a special migration tool that can migrate the complete G Suite information to the desired G Suite account.

Kernel G Suite to Office 365 is trustworthy software that supports both the Google and Microsoft platforms and migrate the content of their cloud services. The Super Administrator of G Suite account can migrate all the associated service account’s data. There are filter options where the user can apply the date-filter, type-filter, save complete hierarchy in a single folder, skip the previously migrate items, and directly migrate to Office 365 groups. To make the G suite to Office 365 migration quick, you can get an inbuilt CSV file that is pre-designed to support the G Suite as the source and Office 365 as the destination.

Fill the fields of the CSV file and then import it back to the tool. Now, you do not need to map the accounts but can go ahead with the migration directly. The report of the migration is also available in the CSV format after the completion of the migration. It will show the migration status as well.