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Whether it is big or small, each business requires the communication tools to communicate between the team members and external clients. Earlier, there were different tools present, even for simple message processing. There were multiple email clients, chat tools, downloading/uploading tools, and document processing software. The businesses had to invest a lot of money in these tools and upgrade them routinely. The arrival of Microsoft 365 subscription plans has changed the atmosphere completely. Now, all the necessary tools are present in a single pack, and users can use them flexibly. Microsoft makes sure that you are using the latest version of each software current in the plan.

However, most businesses still don’t know how to make most of Office 365 features and applications to increase business productivity. So, here we will discuss how you can increase business efficiency in an organization with the help of Office 365.

  • Access Office Applications Online

    Earlier users used to create and edit documents offline on their desktop. Also, sharing these documents with others was not that easy. However, with Office Online applications, users can create, edit, and share documents easily with other team members. Using these apps boosts business efficiency as employees can work from anywhere on any device.

    When employees get a chance to work from anywhere, anytime from any device, then it can drastically improve the efficiency of the business.

  • Sharing Documents with Multiple Users

    One of the best features of Office 365 that enhance productivity is sharing documents and files with multiple users. With the option of multi-user editing, multiple employees can access a document to write and edit. Also, complications like creating duplicate documents or sending files via emails are not needed. Every group member gets access to the shared documents. This feature can also be linked to Microsoft Calendar by keeping the users in the loop.

  • Replace Conference Calls with Skype for Business

    Organizing and attending conference calls can be an expensive and complicated, depending on the location of the company’s executives and the communication system available in the place. Many companies often hire a third-party conferencing system, which is considered as an extra expense.

    However, with Office 365 Skype for Business app, you don’t have to hire a third-party conferencing system or even worry about the location of the company’s executives. Skype for Business provides advanced calling and conferencing features that allow users to access unlimited high-quality video and audio-conferencing services. With Skype for Business, a user can easily communicate with the team members regardless of their location. This flexibility in conference calls and communication make a business more efficient.

  • Enhance Collaboration with Team Groups and Yammer

    One of the best features of Office 365 that can boost your business efficiency is Groups. Groups permit you to create a group of specific members and share documents and resources. Also, with Groups, it’s easy to share, read, and edit each other’s work.

    Meanwhile, Yammer is for communication and collaboration between employees. It is a private social network that allows businesses to collaborate quickly and easily, whether working remotely or from the office.

  • Make the Project Management Easy

    Project management is one of the difficult tasks in an organization. However, with Office 365 Planner, it is incredibly easy; it helps to improve project management and streamline communications within your team. Microsoft Office 365 Planner allows you to create new plans, assign & organize tasks, share files & documents, get constant updates, and chat with teammates, which makes collaboration between employees much easier and improves the business efficiency.

    Office 365 Planner can also organize your work visually by providing its own board to each plan. You can categorize tasks based on their status or to whom they’re assigned. Also, you can change the status of tasks with ‘drag and drop’ between columns.


Office 365 is not just a product or service; it can be much more than that if you implement it in your organization in the right manner. The points mentioned above show how you can improve business efficiency with Office 365. Also, when you implement Office 365 in your business, you must know how to backup and restore Office 365. Also, you must know which Office 365 Backup and Restore tool is best to perform this.

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