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Summary: The author experienced panic when they couldn’t find their PowerPoint presentation file on their computer. They identified five common causes of deletion, including crashes, viruses, improper exits, power failures, and Microsoft Office errors. They then outlined three methods to recover deleted PowerPoint files: using the Recycle Bin, AutoRecover in Microsoft Office, and a third-party tool called Kernel for Windows Recovery. The article recommends Kernel for Windows Recovery as a reliable solution for recovering deleted PPT files.

Yesterday, I conducted a PPT Presentation at my office. The night before, I powered up my computer to make some edits to my PowerPoint file. To my surprise, I couldn’t locate the file. After some reflection, I concluded that during my cleanup of unnecessary files on the Desktop, I might have inadvertently deleted my PPT file along with others. I searched the Recycle Bin without success. In a panic, I reached out to a friend and colleague for assistance. He shared methods for recovering deleted PowerPoint Presentation files, which ultimately helped me retrieve my file.


In general, a PowerPoint file can be deleted for various reasons. This could occur as a result of a sudden system crash, a virus or malware intrusion. Additionally, deletion might stem from improper closure of the PPT, abrupt power outages, battery depletion, or even due to issues within the Microsoft Office application, such as corruption or errors.


We’ve likely encountered PowerPoint at some point in our professional lives. This versatile application enables the incorporation of animations, banners, graphs, and more. While it offers numerous advantages, it’s not immune to deletion or loss. The focus of our current discussion is delving into the process of recovering a deleted PowerPoint presentation file.

  1. Firstly, the easiest way to recover a deleted PPT File is from the Recycle Bin. Here’re how you may do it:
    • Go to Recycle bin and search for the PPT file you wish to PPT file in Recycle bin
    • Select and then right-click. Click Restore.Click on Restore
    • Your File is restored.
  2. The next method involves Auto Recover and this how restore the deleted PPT file using Auto Recover:
    • Go to File.
    • Select Option.Select Option in PPT
    • Select Save
    • Under Save Presentation option, there is an option stating AutoRecover File Location
    • Copy and Paste Address and Open it.
    • Select the desired File from it.
    • Click OK.
  3. The Last step involves the recovery done through a third-party system. The Steps are here as follows
Kernel for Windows Recovery

The Kernel for Windows data recovery tool is ideal product if you lost your data via deletion. Out of many ways that the tool helps, the following are a few:

  • Fixes the Windows which might be corrupt and the errors resulting from them (in both physical as well as logical devices).
  • It extracts all files which your highly-prized ones might be, without altering them at all.
  • It recovers all data irrespective of them being permanently deleted or them being large sized.

If you want to know how the tool works, you may download and install the free demo version. The Tool works in these steps:

You can, using Kernel for Windows Recovery; recover your lost data from the hard disk via:

  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • File Trace

Quick Scan:

  • Go to Start>Select All Programs>Kernel for Windows Data Recovery. The window providing you with an overview of the three different modes to use the Tool
  • Click Quick Scan. Select the Physical and Logical devices and Click Next
  • Kernel for Windows Data Recovery - Home Screen

  • Again, Click Next
  • Click on Next

  • Search for lost data begins
  • Searching for lost data

  • After the searching process is complete, a dialog box displaying pops up that prompts you to utilize “Deep Scan” mode (if you do not find desired result).
  • Click the OK and close the dialog box. All files that are Recoverable, are displayed in a tree-like structure present on the left-side panel of the software Window

Click Recover

Select folder in the left tree to verify before saving. When you select the folder, its content is displayed in the right. The preview is seen in the down side Panel

Select files & folder to recover

  • Click Recover. Browse for the Folder where you wish to save recovered file(s) and Click Ok.
  • Select path to save data

  • Saving Process begins.
  • Saving Process begins

  • In case the Files are saved successfully, you get following message:
  • Files Saved

  • Click OK.

Note: A new window stating that in case you don’t find the files as well folders that you require, you need to go back to the first step and use Deep Scan.


In case you are looking for a third-party tool to recover your PPT files that you might have had deleted, do not forget to check out Kernel for Windows Recovery. For more information, connect with them either via online chat support or via phone call or even via email. Panicky about How to recover deleted PowerPoint Presentation file? Panic no more!

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery