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Summary: The content discusses the ICC World Cup 2019, detailing early matches and outcomes. It also introduces a photo recovery software called Kernel Photo Recovery, providing steps for image retrieval.

The 2019 ICC World Cup marked the 12th installment in the world cricket tournament series, with England and Wales serving as the host nations for this exciting global cricket event. The tournament commenced on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

The excitement among everyone is reaching its peak as the Cricket Titans prepare to face off against each other. The victorious team will move on to the next stage in the latest Cricket World Cup. Each team will compete against their opponents in a total of 9 matches, with the third-to-last and second-to-last matches serving as the 1st and 2nd Semi-Finals of the World Cricket tournament. The ultimate showdown, the Final (Grand Finale), will mark the conclusion of this thrilling and action-packed Cricket series. This climactic match is scheduled to take place at Lord’s in London on Sunday, July 14, 2019.

Nine matches have already been played, and based on the current results, there is a noticeable mix of shock and surprise in the air, depending on the cricket team you support. We assume that cricket fans are sharing similar sentiments. This article is dedicated to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, and we will cover all aspects of this event.

Matches Played

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 underway, the excitement is palpable, and no one wants to miss out on the opportunity, including Team England, who surely shared the same mindset.

England VS South Africa

The inaugural World Cup 2019 match didn’t bode well for South Africa. In their opening encounter, the England team played the full 50 overs, amassing a formidable score of 311 runs. Chasing 311 runs is no easy feat, especially in the quest for the World Cup title. Unfortunately, South Africa fell short, managing only 207 runs in 39.5 overs with all wickets down. Luck remained elusive for ‘The Saffaris,’ as they faced defeats in the subsequent two matches.

West Indies VS Pakistan

For ‘The Windies,’ Off to a promising start, the West Indies team faced Pakistan in their inaugural match. However, the ‘Cornered Tigers’ couldn’t quite replicate the typical ODI intensity, resulting in Team Pakistan posting a modest total of 105 runs on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, they lost all their wickets within just 21 overs and four balls. In a swift and skillful response, Team Windies chased down the target, even managing to accumulate three extra runs. Their successful chase was completed in just 13 overs and four balls. The outstanding performance of ‘Oshane Thomas’ earned him the well-deserved title of Player of the Match.

New Zealand VS Sri Lanka

In the third match of the Cricket World Cup 2019 series, fate seemed to smile upon the ‘Kiwis.’ With newfound confidence, the New Zealand team, having won the toss, chose to bowl first, eager to see what the ‘Islanders’ had in store for them. The Sri Lankan team posted a modest score, with notable contributions from Dimuth Karunaratne (Sri Lanka Captain) scoring 52 not out off 84 balls, Kusal Perera (wicketkeeper) hitting 29 off 24 balls with a strike rate of 120.83, and Thisara Perera making 27 off 23 balls, including two sixes. In response, the Kiwis had a smooth chase, securing victory with 137 runs and all wickets intact.

Afghanistan VS Australia

In this match-up, Afghanistan secured the toss and opted to open the batting innings. They amassed a total of 207 runs, losing all ten wickets in the process, and maintained their presence on the field for 38 overs along with two balls. The Australian squad, known as “the Aussies,” managed to conclude the game with the loss of just three wickets, achieving a total of 209 runs. Impressively, they not only successfully chased the target for a decisive victory but also wrapped up the game after playing for only 34 overs and five balls.

South Africa VS India

In a showdown between ‘The Proteas’ and the ‘Men in Blue,’ South Africa emerged victorious in the toss and chose to bat first. Despite playing for the full 50 overs, their score of 227 runs on the loss of 9 wickets fell short. On the Indian side, Rohit Sharma delivered an impressive performance, notching up a century and contributing a total of 122 runs individually. With 4 wickets down and 47 overs and 3 balls played, Team India secured their first victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 series.

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