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Summary: Many Windows Live Mail users encounter the persistent “0x8007007A” error, mainly when sending emails with OneDrive media attachments. This blog post explains the causes and offers four manual solutions to fix the issue, from clearing out the outbox to repairing the Windows Live Mail program. It also highlights the end of support for Windows Live Mail and suggests migrating to Microsoft Outlook using a professional EML to Outlook PST Converter tool.

A significant number of Windows Live Mail users have transitioned to more sophisticated email platforms such as MS Outlook. Nonetheless, there are still some who rely on this application within their organizations. They employ it for disseminating information through emails and attachments, including data sourced from OneDrive. Like many other email clients, Windows Live Mail is not immune to occasional errors. This blog post is committed to addressing the persistent Windows Live Mail Error ID: “0x8007007A,” commonly encountered when attempting to send or receive an email within the Windows Live Mail application.
Windows Live Mail 0x8007007A error

Why this Windows Live Mail “0x8007007A” Error?

The “0x8007007A” error typically arises when attempting to send an email using Windows Live Mail, which includes OneDrive media files as attachments. Recent OneDrive updates have imposed limitations on the sending of emails containing media attachments, stemming from an incompatibility issue between Windows Live Mail and OneDrive. This conflict prevents the successful transmission of images sourced from OneDrive when they are attached as an album within the email.

In order to address this concern, it is necessary to make changes to the attachment type within the email. Additionally, users may need to explore alternative solutions if this adjustment does not prove effective.

Fixing Windows Live Mail “0x8007007A” Error

Try these four manual solutions to get the Windows Live Mail “0X8007007A” error fixed.

Remove/Delete Stuck Emails from Windows Live Mail Outbox

If you encountered the “0x8007007A” error while attempting to send an email using Windows Live Mail, and the email became stuck in the Outbox folder alongside other emails (if any), you should delete the emails in the Outbox and then attempt to resend the problematic email.

To access your Outbox folder in the Windows Live Mail application, simply open it. Next, choose the emails you want to remove, right-click, and then opt for the “Delete” action to delete them.
Select Delete
Compose a new email, attach the files if needed, and then send it to the desired recipient.

Try to Send Media as Attachments and not as an Album

When sending an email, it’s advisable to attach media files, such as images, as individual attachments rather than including an entire folder as an album. This is particularly important if you’ve come across the Windows Live Mail “0x8007007A” error. To do this, simply click on the attachment icon while composing your email using the Email message option, and then choose the image files you want to include in the email.
Send Media as Attachments
Note: Ensure that while composing the email, the Create photo email from photo attachments option is not selected.

Repair the Windows Live Mail Program

If the error persists even after including image files as attachments, it suggests that the problem lies within the application itself. Fortunately, there is a built-in tool available for repairing the Windows Live Mail program, which is part of Windows Essentials. Please inform us of the steps involved in this process.

  1. First, close the running Windows Live Mail application in your system.
  2. Open the Control Panel in your system.
  3. Select the Programs and Features option.
  4. Move to the Windows Essentials program under the Uninstall or change a program section.
  5. Click on the Uninstall/Change option.Click on the Uninstall/Change option
  6. Click Yes to confirm.
  7. A dialog box would appear. Here click on the option Select Repair all Windows Live programs.
  8. Let the repair process to complete.
  9. Once the repair is completed, restart the system.
  10. Now, relaunch the Windows Live Mail application and try sending an email now.

Delete and Reconfigure Windows Live Mail Account

If the manual repair is not helpful for you, it is suggested to delete the Windows Live Mail account and then reconfigure it to fix the account settings issue.

Deleting the Windows Live Mail Account

  1. Open the Windows Live Mail account.
  2. Go to the account name on the left panel and right-click on it. Then select the Remove account option.
  3. Click OK to confirm the removal of the account.
  4. Wait until the account is removed.
  5. Now, to reconfigure the account, click on the Accounts tab and then click on the Email option.
  6. Next, add the email accounts sign in details, select the option saying Make this my default email account and click on Next.
  7. Proceed with the given instructions to complete the account setup.

Windows Live Mail – the End of Support

Microsoft has ended the support for Windows Live Mail 2012 and Windows 2012 Essentials since Jan 10, 2017, but the existing users can continue its use. However, many of these users are suffering from one or other issues due to limitations of support and features of the Windows Live Mail application which calls for Windows Live Mail alternatives. Microsoft Outlook is the best option here, and to move Windows Live Mail to Outlook, users can either choose the manual export Windows Live Mail to Outlook method or a professional EML to Outlook PST Converter tool.

Try the advanced Kernel for EML to PST Converter tool to migrate EML/EMLX files in bulk. Also, there is a facility to preview emails with complete details. The conversion is smooth and quick with this utility. Understand this on your own by visiting the website of the tool.


Windows Live Mail frequently experiences unexpected errors, often stemming from compatibility issues with other applications such as OneDrive. In this context, we’ve outlined several reliable manual remedies for addressing these errors. Additionally, we’ve examined the current trend of transitioning from Windows Live Mail to Outlook and proposed effective methods for this transition, including the utilization of a robust EML file Converter tool designed for Outlook PST.

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