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Sometimes, an unexpected error may be keeping you from copying the file on your Windows system.
“You’ll find Error 0X80071AC3: The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty.”

What is Error 0x80071AC3?

Error code 0x80071AC3 indicates that your system is experiencing difficulties in reading or writing data to the disk. This error can manifest due to a variety of reasons, including the presence of bad sectors on the drive, a damaged USB port, outdated or malfunctioning device drivers, or even when the ReadyBoost disk caching feature is activated.

PC users commonly employ external hard drives for various purposes. These drives enable the seamless transfer of files from PCs to a range of storage devices, such as SD cards, USB drives, external HDDs, or SSDs. Additionally, files can be easily duplicated through different methods. External hard disks provide the flexibility to carry your files to any desired location and can also serve as a reliable data backup solution.

Some Solutions to the Error 0x80071AC3: Volume is Dirty

If you continue to receive this error, you need to learn more about this issue and its fixes.

Solution 1 – Use the chkdsk utility to fix bad sectors

If you encounter an error message indicating that the “volume is dirty” on your USB drive, you have the option to execute the chkdsk command. This command will assist in cleansing your USB drive by addressing any potential bad sectors. Chkdsk thoroughly assesses the storage space and furnishes a comprehensive status report. CHKDSK, short for “check disk,” is specifically engineered to inspect the drive for errors and subsequently resolve them.

CHKDSK operates by utilizing a specific partition file system to generate and present the status of a disk. When CHKDSK is entered without any additional parameters, it will promptly display the disk’s status to users. This utility, known as CHKDSK, is available in all Windows versions, including XP, 7, 8, 10, and DOS. Furthermore, it can be executed from the Windows installation disc.

Follow the steps below to run the chkdsk utility

  1. Press ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ keys together to open the Run WindowOpen the Run window
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, type cmd to open the command promptopen the command prompt
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type Chkdsk volume: /r in the command prompt window, to repair errors and scan for bad sectors. The ‘/r’ command helps in locating bad sectors and recovering readable errors and scan for bad sectors
  5. Press Enter.


  1. Navigate to Computer, right-click on the storage disk being affected by this problem.
  2. click on Properties; now navigate to the Tools tab.Click on Properties
  3. Click on Check now under the Error-checking section.Click on Check now
  4. Check both the options to enable them and click on Start in the dialog box.

To get rid of any issues and errors, wait for CHKDSK to complete the scan.

Solution 2- Disable ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost, an integrated feature in Windows, functions as a ‘Disk caching’ tool aimed at enhancing system performance. It achieves this by caching data on a USB device. Activation of this feature results in Windows refraining from reading or writing data on the disk, which can trigger the ‘Error 0x80071AC3.’ To resolve this issue, you can attempt to disable the ReadyBoost feature by following the steps provided below.-

  1. Locate the affected external storage device and select Properties from the right-click menu.Select Properties
  2. Click on the ReadyBoost tab from the appeared dialog box
  3. Select the ‘Do not use this device’ from the option and click on the Apply Button.
  4. Click the OK button.
Solution 3- Re-install drivers by using Device Manager

Check if there are any defective drivers in the system by opening Device Manager. If there is any such thing you found just uninstall driver software and reinstall the software

  1. To open the Windows menu, press the Windows Key and ‘X’ key together.
  2. Select Device Manager from the dialog box.Device Manager
  3. Double-click on the Disk drives section to expand it.
  4. Now, right-click on the damaged external drive or USB device, and then uninstall the device; click OKuninstall the device
  5. Disconnect the device from the PC and restart the PC
  6. Click on the Action tab from the Device Manager Window
  7. For hardware changes select scan.Scan for hardware changes

Once you’ve completed this process, Windows will successfully reinstall the disk drive and its drivers, and then check to see if error code 0x80071AC3 persists.

Solution 4- Format the drive
  1. On your PC, go to This PC.
  2. To format the drive, Right-click on the drive and select Format from the drop-down menu.Right-click on the drive
  3. Select the Restore device defaults option.Restore device defaults option
  4. Click OK to start formatting.
Solution 5- Modify Registry settings

Sometimes the system does not allow you to copy the files to the disk due to error code 0x80071AC3 because your computer’s Registry is configured to not allow your computer to write to disk drives in general or the disk drive you are experiencing this problem with. Follow the steps to make sure writing to disk drives is allowed in your computer’s registry-

  1. Press Windows key + R.
  2. Type Regedit, and press Enter to launch registry edition.launch registry edition
  3. Once Registry Editor opens, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet.Once Registry Editor opens
  4. Find the StorageDevicePolicies key on the left pane and click on it.
  5. When you’re inside the key, go to the WriteProtect entry and double-click on it.
  6. If you find the value of WriteProtect is 1 change it to 0 to 0. If it’s 0, then keep it as it is
  7. To save the changes, click on the OK button
  8. Now, close Registry Editor and restart the PC again to check if the problem has been solved or not.
  9. Modify registry entries to enable reading.
Fix Windows corruption

The method described above is a reliable solution for addressing the “error 0x80071ac3: the volume is dirty” problem in Windows. While it can be used to resolve error 0x80071AC3 on an external hard drive, it’s important to be aware that you might encounter other disk errors down the road, such as hard disk error 301 or hard drive not found (3f0) errors. To safeguard your data and prevent the need for troubleshooting, it’s advisable to create regular backups of your disk while it’s in good working condition rather than waiting until issues arise.

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The previously mentioned solutions provide effective ways to resolve the ‘Error 0x80071AC3: volume is dirty.’ If none of these methods prove successful, as a last resort, you can consider formatting your storage disk. However, since you cannot afford to lose the data, it is highly recommended to utilize Kernel for Windows Data Recovery for a reliable solution to recover your inaccessible data caused by bad sectors on Windows hard drives. This software ensures precise data recovery and makes the process straightforward. repair bad sectors in window 10.

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