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In the market of web browsers, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the leader. It covers two-thirds of the market share and beats other web browsers by a large margin. It is available on both Computers and Android smartphones. Because most Internet users have Google accounts, they like Google Chrome as their default web browser. But this market leader is not immune to problems, and it can show several errors at different times.

One problem related to Google Chrome is the inability to play the videos embedded in the websites. Many web pages have videos embedded, and they play whenever the page is opened in the web browser. Generally, Google Chrome does not face any hurdle in playing the video, but sometimes, it does not play it. The video player shows a blank screen, or it gives a message about the unavailability of video. The present write-up will provide you with all the valuable methods to play the video smoothly.

Method-1. Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome is available in Windows, iOS, Android, macOS devices. If the web page is opening on any device comfortably but shows problems on other devices, you should update Google Chrome on that device.

  1. Open Google Chrome and click the More option with the three vertical dots.
  2. If there is an option to Update Google Chrome, then click to open it.
  3. Google Chrome will start to upgrade.
  4. Open Google Chrome

  5. After upgrading Chrome, you will need to relaunch the application. Click the Relaunch button.
  6. relaunch the application

  7. Google Chrome is up-to-date, and you can play the video again.
  8. Google Chrome is up-to-date

Method-2. Disable the hardware acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is present in the Advanced Settings of Google Chrome; this setting can offload some webpage properties and reduce the computer’s CPU burden. It is supposed to increase Chrome’s performance and download the page faster, but many users have complained that it causes issues in Google Chrome, and so you should disable it.

  1. Click three-dots and choose Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings and reach out to the system tab.
  3. There is an option enabled to use hardware acceleration when available. Move the toggle to disable it.
  4. Advanced Settings

Method-3. Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is the inbuilt extension that runs the animated parts of video like videos, sounds, flash, etc.; if this is disabled, the video will not play in the browser. So, you should enable it as soon as the video declines to play in it.

  1. Open the Settings of Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the Privacy and Security category and open Site Settings.
  3. Site Settings

  4. If the JavaScript is disabled, then you should enable it.
  5. JavaScript is disabled

  6. Relaunch Chrome and play the video again.

Method-4. Delete cache and cookies

Cache and cookies are the temporary files that are stored in Chrome each time you open the webpage. When these files increase in size, then they start to affect the speed of opening the page. So, you should delete the cache and cookies and make the web browser more agile.

  1. Open the Settings and go to the Privacy and Settings category. Then click Clear Browsing Data.
  2. Privacy and Settings

  3. Go to the Advanced tab and check all the options there. Then click clear data.
  4. clear data

Method-5. Reset the Google chrome settings

Google Chrome has many settings, and maybe one of the smaller settings may be affecting the video playability in it. If you reset the whole Google Chrome Setting, it will fix the settings to their default value again.

  1. In the Google Chrome Settings, go to Reset Settings and click the button.
  2. Reset Settings

Method 6- Disable all plug-ins

Plug-ins enhance the browsing experience of the users, but it is also capable of causing trouble in between. Since you are unable to play embedded videos on Google Chrome, you must disable any plug-ins which have been installed to the browser immediately.

Method 7- Enable flash

Flash allows to the users to enjoy display multimedia like animations on the browser. If ever you get a message asking you to enable to enable the Flash player, please do the needful. Also, only allow it for secure and trustworthy websites.

Method-8. Check the property of the video

When you have uploaded the video to a web page, then it will play easily. If the uploaded video becomes corrupt during the upload, it will show an error, and you will have to remove the video from the page. You should repair the video and upload it again. But how to repair a corrupt video file? For this, you should use a professional tool like Kernel Video Repair. It repairs video files of any format and size to make them playable again.


Sometimes, the embedded videos do not play in Google Chrome. There are some manual methods to handle the problems, but the manual methods will not bring a positive result if the video is corrupt. If the video has become corrupt, then you can repair it using Kernel Video Repair software. The software can repair large-sized video files in any format and save them in a user-defined location. Then, you can upload the video to the website and play it in Google Chrome again.

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