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Outlook boasts an integrated capability that allows you to locate messages related to a conversation or sender names. While Outlook is renowned for its exceptional features, occasional disruptions due to a poor network connection can occur, different issues arise with outlook such as the outlook password prompt issues. We’ll go through the steps to locate the messages you’re seeking in Outlook. Finding relevant emails in Outlook involves a straightforward process.

How to find related email messages in Outlook?

Initially, we will delve into the process of locating interconnected messages within a single conversation.

  1. Open Outlook and find the message for which you need to find related messages.Open Outlook and find the message
  2. Right-click on the email and select Find Find Related
  3. Click on Messages in this conversation.Messages in this conversation
  4. Under the search box, ‘[Conversation]: = “subject of the selected email” is added automatically in the Instant Search box. You will see all the related messages with the same conversation.Instant Search box
Find related messages from the same sender’s name

Likewise, you have the option to discover associated messages originating from the identical sender.

  1. Open Outlook and select the particular mail (as in the previous process).Open Outlook and select the particular mail
  2. Right-click and click on Find on Find Related
  3. Now, select Messages from Sender.Messages from Sender
  4. Under the search box, from: “Sender” will be added to the instant search box. Now you will see all the related messages from the same sender.Under the search box, from Sender

The two techniques mentioned earlier can aid you in finding relevant messages in MS Outlook. While searching for related messages, it’s possible that you might not find the exact message or sender’s name you’re looking for, and outlook crashes when replying to email. Several factors may contribute to this issue, such as having outdated Outlook software, being affected by viruses or malware, experiencing corrupted PST files, or encountering hardware malfunctions. We have come across specialized tools specifically designed to tackle these challenges. One such excellent tool is Kernel for PST Repair. The purpose of this application is to repair corrupted or damaged PST files and subsequently export them to a range of platforms, including Outlook PST, Office 365, Exchange, and Gmail. Furthermore, it enables the retrieval of all lost components, encompassing emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks, journals, and more. The tool adeptly manages files of any size without constraints. You can commence by obtaining the trial version, which permits you to preserve up to 25 items from each folder.


Outlook’s integrated feature simplifies the process of locating associated messages. This enables you to swiftly conduct a search and locate relevant messages. If, however, an Outlook profile becomes corrupted, you may encounter an issue where an outlook reminder not working. Should the related message feature still not operate after utilizing the search function, you can rely on Kernel PST Repair to step in and mend any compromised or faulty PST files.

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