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Error: 0x800CCC0A Message Download Incomplete

Jarvis Flores Updated On - 24 Jan 2019

Outlook Express users who need to send/receive emails with big attachments or images generally face the following error message:


The preceding error message can be the result of following issues:

The pop3uidl file might have been damaged
The email you are receiving may have damaged attachment
The email you are receiving may have large file attachment
The email is missing header
The email is not conform to mail RFC’s

There can be following possible solutions to get rid of the specified error message:

1. Close Outlook Express and all other running programs including Internet connection
2. Search for pop3uidl file and delete it
3. Restart Outlook Express and Internet connection.

After executing the aforementioned steps, your problem should be resolved. But, if the problem still persists then there will be some problem with the .DBX file. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you need to repair the DBX file. The damaged DBX file can be easily repaired with a third-party Outlook Express repair and recovery software.

Kernel for Outlook Express is a tool to repair Outlook Express DBX files. With the self descriptive user interface, Kernel for Outlook Express makes it easy to repair DBX files created in Outlook Express 4.0 or above versions.