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Summary: Outlook Express, a user-friendly email platform in Windows Vista and XP, offered easy account management and an Address Book. This article explains how to restore the Contacts pane for accessing email addresses. For email recovery, Kernel for Outlook Express is recommended to repair .DBX files and retrieve emails with attachments and properties.

Outlook Express, a robust email platform in Windows Vista and XP, featured a user-friendly interface for easy account setup and email management. Additionally, it offered an Address Book to store and access multiple email addresses while composing messages.

Opening the Address Book reveals a list of email addresses. Users can double-click on them to easily add recipients when composing emails. Alternatively, you can access the Address Book in the main Outlook Express window. In case of accidental contact deletion, we provide a straightforward built-in method for contact recovery.

You needn’t worry, as restoring contacts in Outlook Express is a straightforward process.

Bring Back Contacts Display in Outlook Express

To restore the Contacts pane in Outlook Express:

  1. Select the View menu and then select the Layout options
  2. Check the Contacts checkbox, if it is  un-checked


  3. Click OK and Apply.

You can now resume using the Contacts pane in Outlook Express, providing convenient access to your address book contacts. Please note that this contact pane can display up to a maximum of 999 contacts from your address book.

Need to Recover Emails from Outlook Express?

If you’ve lost your emails in Outlook Express, consider using Kernel for Outlook Express. This powerful tool is designed to repair Outlook Express databases, recovering emails with attachments, images, properties, and even permanently deleted emails, ensuring a successful and effective Outlook Express recovery. You can find more information about outlook express recovery tool.

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