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Hyperlinks Not Working in Outlook Express, Outlook and Any Other Email Program

Oswald Foster Updated On - 24 Jan 2019

You have received an email and it has got a link that is directed to some important site. But unfortunately that link takes you nowhere, nothing happens at all. Whenever we see a hand cursor appearing, we know that we have to click on it for opening the destination link.

Taking a common scenario, on clicking the link again and again given in the email received, browser does not open up with the link. In fact Outlook or Outlook Express or any other email programs do nothing, as if we have not clicked anything. All this leads to fuming situation. Usually we think that it’s the email program side problem but that’s not the case at all. Any breakage or distortion in association of links and hyperlinks with browser results in inaccessibility of links and hence, links not work.

But no worries!!! You can fix this problem by doing mere changes. For restoring links in email clients, consider the following points:

If you are using Windows Vista OS

Open the Windows menu.
Type “default programs” under Start Search.
Click Default Programs under Programs.
Click Set your default programs.
Select Internet Explorer under Programs.
Click Set this program as default and then click OK.

One can choose a different browser from the same Programs list and use Set this program as default to make it your default browser.

If you are using Windows 98/2000/XP

Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
Click Internet Options.

If you do not see Internet Options right away, click Network and Internet Connections before.

Go to the Programs tab.
Check Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default browser.
Click OK.
Open IE.
It will ask Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?. Click Yes.

If Internet Explorer does not ask for the same, then

 Close Internet Explorer.
 Select My Computer from the Start menu.
 Choose Tools | Folder Options… from the menu.
 Go to the File Types tab.
 Select URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol.
 Click Advanced and select Open.
 Click Remove.
 Click Yes and then OK. Start Internet Explorer.
If you use a browser other than IE, start it and make sure it is the new default.

The changes made will make the links working in Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail or any other email program.

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