How to Download Google Contacts to PC?

Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma | Updated On - 22 Apr 2022 |

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Google Contacts of Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite) is a great online storage space for Gmail contacts with its powerful facilities like anywhere accessibility, sharing, merge & fix, label creation, import, export, and print. Though many users prefer to maintain these contacts online, some prefer to continue using these contacts in the desktop email client application or backup G Suite contacts/calendars to Outlook PST. To fulfill different personal and business requirements like account mergers, these online contacts need to be downloaded on the system. Let us explore the ways to download or backup Google Contacts to the local system.

Download Google Contacts to PC Using the Export Feature

Google has an export feature using which you can download or backup selected or all Google Contacts to three file formats – Google CSV, Outlook CSV, or vCard (for iOS Contacts). Let us see the steps in the download process.

  1. First, go to the Google contacts site at Google Contacts using your account sign-in credentials.
  2. The Google Contacts interface, along with the Contact lists and details, will get opened.
    Google Contacts interface
  3. Downloading a Single Contact: Here, if you want to download a single Google Contact, then just select the check box before it.
    Download a Single Contact
    Note: Users can also visit the Frequently contacted option in the left panel to select the desired contact from the frequently contacted contacts list.

  4. Then, click on the More or 3 vertical dots on the top and select the Export option from the drop-down list.
    Select export option
  5. Select one of the three export options – Google CSV, Outlook CSV, or vCard as per your requirement and click on Export.
    Select one option in Google CSV, Outlook CSV, or vCard
  6. As soon as you hit on the Export option, the download will get started. Now access the downloaded file directly by clicking on the Open file option or move it from the Downloads folder of your system to another folder location if needed.
    access the downloaded file
  7. Downloading Multiple or All contacts: To download multiple Google Contacts to your system, select the checkboxes against the desired contacts.
    Downloading Multiple or All contacts:
  8. To export all Google Contacts to your PC, just select any random checkbox against the Google Contact and then click on the expandable arrow on the left and select the All option. It will select all the contacts in the list for export.
    export all Google Contacts to your PC
  9. After selecting the desired or all contacts from the Google Contacts list, click on the three vertical dots or More option and select the Export option, or you can directly click on the Export option from the left panel.
    Select Export
  10. Choose the export format under the Export as section and click on the Export option to start the download.
    Start download

Hence the manual method of downloading single, specific, or all Google Contacts is explained.

Export Google Contacts Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is an online service that can export all data present in various applications and it creates a zip file to keep the information in it.

  1. You can login with your Google account and deselect all applications. Then, choose only Contacts and click next step.login with your Google account
  2. Takeout will create a download file with your contacts. So, you can click Download button and the zip file will be file with your contacts

How Effective is the Manual Solution to Backup or Download Google Contacts to PC?

The manual way to backup or download Google Contacts is useful when users need to download all of the Google Contacts to the system or want to download selected contacts from a small list of contacts. Then it would be easier for them to make the selection rather than search for the desired contacts from the long list of contacts. Also, the other thing which makes this method of download unfavorable is the type of download formats – Google CSV, which can be used conveniently on the Google platform only; Outlook CSV, which requires import in the Microsoft Outlook application; and vCard format, which is suitable for the Mac environment only.

So, we can say, owing to these limitations, users might require an alternative solution to download specific Google Contacts from a long list into a more convenient-to-use file format. Let us check out this in our next segment.

Backup or Download your Google Contacts with Kernel G Suite Backup Tool

Using the most reliable and powerful Kernel G Suite Backup tool, users can automatically download Google Contacts to PC from single/multiple user mailboxes of a G Suite account. It allows to select Contacts manually and apply filters for the selective download and export even from a long Contacts list. The tool backups Contacts to more convenient file formats such as PST for direct use in Outlook. Apart from the Google Contacts backup, it allows users to backup data from G Suite account applications like Gmail, Calendar/Appointments, etc.

Download Software

Wrapping Up

In the blog, we have explained the use of the Export feature on the Google Contacts user interface to download single, selected, or all contacts to the system in the desired format. It also recommends a better alternative (an automated solution) to backup selected contacts from a long list of Google Contacts.